Painting the Staircase (and Ideas for Staircase Runners!)

MYour husband has been painting our little basement staircase for a week or two. It looks so cute! When we moved in it was carpeted and not that cute. We removed the carpet and painted the steps dark gray a few years ago, but the paint was fading and the steps themselves had always needed some attention (wood infill and sanding) so we decided to give them a little more love this time. .

I know many of you have message to tell me that you like process photos, so go ahead: our stairs before and in progress.

Paint the staircase (and ideas for stair runners!)
Paint the staircase (and ideas for stair runners!)

We still have work to do and walls to paint too, but that already makes me happy. Yes, we painted it white! It’s fresh and light and so pretty! It’s kind of a dark stairwell, so we’re very happy with the new look.

Don’t worry about the whites or the dogs, however. We are now on the hunt for the perfect stair path! I prefer bare wood because it’s so easy to clean that way! Do you remember our last staircase? We loved the wood. A quick sweep or sweep with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth and we were good to go.

But in this staircase and situation, we don’t have natural wood as an option, so we wanted to go with the fresh and shiny look of white paint combined with a carpet with a bit of texture, so they wouldn’t be also likely to slip on them up or down. Some rugs can be a bit tricky to clean on a staircase, but we’ll do our best to pick one that’s as carefree (but still as cute!) As possible.

Today I’m sharing some inspirational photos of cute stairs and runners. I think for ours we’ll go with a subtle stripe or plaid, but I haven’t found the exact one yet.

Do you like stair runners? Even the paint alone makes such a difference! Are you painting any stairs or rooms in your house this spring?

Take advantage of this inspiration!

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