Park perfectly in your garage with this $16 laser-assist parking guide



Sometimes it seems like pulling into your garage is like lining up an F-18 for a carrier landing. You need to leave room on both sides of the car to get the doors open and you can’t pull in too far for fear of smashing into storage boxes — but if you don’t pull in far enough, you’re blocking the garage door. Throw away the hanging tennis ball that your dog keeps trying to tear out of the ceiling or the rubber chock that slides around on the cement floor, defeating its purpose. The ZoneTech Parking Assist Laser Guide hangs from the ceiling and shoots a pair of lasers toward the ground — one for each car in your two-car garage. Just pull your car into the laser spot and you’re done. Originally listed for $80 and currently selling for $20, you can grab the ZoneTech Parking Assist Laser Guide for $16 when you apply discount code HDOTZPL at checkout.

As you might expect from a $16 gadget, the ZoneTech is pretty simple. Don’t expect robots to fly out and guide you in or an autopark mode to take control of the wheel and brakes. Instead, it shines a laser on the floor of your garage; that’s it. You can independently position both lasers so that you know to stop when you see the beam land on your dashboard (or wherever you’d like it to hit). The gadget plugs into AC power, but it has a 9-volt backup battery so it’ll continue working even if the power is out when you arrive home. And the motion sensor turns the laser on when it sees your car moving and off again after it stops.

I found a similar model elsewhere that appears to be made by the same manufacturer. It has a solid review history, though a couple of customers complained that theirs arrived dead and needed to be replaced. It comes with a 30-day warranty, which should allow you to deal with any quality control issues. 

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First published last year. Updated with a new deal. 

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