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Finals with motif cut

The traditional way of doing a square pinnacle on a bandsaw serves to mark and cut the design on one side of the blank, then attach the cutout to the blank to guide the cuts on the adjacent side. This is difficult to do with an intricate pattern because it is difficult to keep the cut in one piece.

I use a sled with a handle to guide it. First, I screw the terminal blank to the slide (Photo 1).

Next, I screw a pattern to the top edge of the slide and follow the pattern to cut the first side of the pinnacle (Photo 2). Then I unscrew the finial, rotate it 90 °, screw it back onto the slide and cut the next side (Photo 3).

The side sled supports are an important safety feature: they prevent the pinnacle from being pulled down by the saw blade during the second cut.

Dan Miller

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