How to pick best curtains for your home

How to pick best curtains for your home

How to pick best curtains:  Picking the best curtain for your home is one of the overwhelming processes. However, once you found the best curtain for your home then you can see a significant impact on your home.

You can quickly change the entire appearance of your home by selecting best curtain.

Now, most of you might have your taste, and some might get into confusion.

If you are confused in selecting the best curtain for your home?

Then do not worry here at tips clear we will help you to pick best curtains for your home.

Most of the people think about the style when they choose particular curtains to their room. However, before having a glance at the style of your curtain, you should think about the function. Along with that, you should think whether you want to filter lighting, add color, and create little privacy and so on.

So, let me show you how to pick best curtains for your home with these helpful tips.

How to pick best curtains

Helpful tips to pick best curtains for your home: Tips Clear

  • Fabric and color are important to pick right curtain:


The fabric is one of the essential parts of choosing curtains. Here fabric is important because the material of the curtain is necessary and it dictates how well your curtains are functioning and how well they can hold up over time.

If you select too thick fabric then you may not fold your curtain crisply. For suppose if you pick too light fabric then they may not fall well so you have to choose perfect fabric curtain which suits your room.

Remember few things while selecting drapes for your room. If your room is getting a lot of light then it is smart option to avoid bright colors because sunlight will fade fabric over time.

When you are selecting your drapes, it is always best to go with material like silk, faux silk, linen, and velvet. These are the few best choices to use for any sort of windows. Sometimes silk may deteriorate quickly in sunny rooms so in that you can use faux silk because this does not deteriorate as quickly as silk material.


  • Do you need Privacy or lighting?


Privacy and light are essential factors in choosing the best curtain. This depends on your space and amount of light you want to filter.  If you are choosing curtains for bedroom or theater room where you want to less amount of light then you should consider heavier fabric in a room.

If you are choosing curtains for your common areas like living room, hall or sunroom. Then you can opt for the sheer curtains this will allow you more amount of light into your space. This makes your house have more lighting and in above step, you can have more privacy.


  • Measurements of the curtain:


Drapes mounted correctly will embrace your home décor and it simply makes your room feel bigger than you usually see. So, choosing a curtain based on the measurement is vital in getting the appearance to your room.

Generally, you have to choose certain length based on four types. Those four types are brushing the windowsill, brushing the floor, breaking the floor, and pooling on the floor. Based on your window length you can judge which type of curtain length you really need.

Tip: Measure the height from the initial rod to the floor before hanging curtains. When measuring the width of your window just consider how full you want your drapes to be and how short you want to be. These measurements will give you a clear idea on what length you have to go on.


  • Washing machine friendly or dry cleaner friendly Curtains:


When you are buying a curtain for your home just determine whether you are going to buy washing machine friendly curtain or dry clean curtain. This will save your time and money in the long run of your home. So, keep in your mind that you can afford dry cleaning every time or simply you want to wash them in your washing machine.

After taking your decision, you can quickly buy which is best for you. According to the consumer reports, washing curtains on a washing machine can ruin high-quality curtains. Therefore, if you can afford dry cleaning every month then you can opt for dry cleaner friendly curtain.


  • Custom Curtains:


Wanted to get a unique appearance for your home. Then you can make use of the custom window treatment, these custom treatments offer vast customization options. You can simply customize your dimensions of your window size and create a luxurious tailored look, which perfectly suits your room and your hall.

In the custom panel, you will have many design options and you can pick the material and style as well. As these custom window treatments are having these many options the price of custom window treatment will be more when compared to standard curtains.


  • Show your Style:


Once you follow all the above factors. Now it is the time to pick some stylish curtain, which gives you stunning look for your home. Here is the few suggestion for you to select an elegant curtain – Go bold and make a statement with stunning patterned curtains. If you want, new styles then try a neutral patterned curtain on your windowsill.

Are you trying to get the colorful appeal to your home then you can quickly pull off your favorite color from the color palette with patterned window decorative treatment or with the solid window treatment?


These are how you can pick best curtains for your home. I think I have shown you all these helpful tips, which are useful in picking up the best curtain for your home. You can quickly use these tips for your homes, offices and other places as well.

I have given enough tips to help you out to pick best curtains for your rooms. In those above tips, which one are you following to select your curtain? Comment us below in the comment section.

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