Pluto Square is a new self-cleaning cat litter box by HS2 Studio

Although cats are intelligent, calm, and affectionate, they do require lots of attention. These adorable felines can be small but not necessarily mean that they won’t ruin your home. They won’t fight with your inmates or rip apart your pillow. Instead, they will just throw it around wherever they like and clean up the mess.

Pluto Square

South Korean company HS2 Studio, which is well-known for making pet accessories, introduced Pluto Square, the Modern Cat Little Cube. Pluto Square cat litter automatically cleans itself after it has been used. The litter collects cat waste over time so it doesn’t need to be cleaned every day. It can be placed anywhere in the house, and it will not look out of place.

Pluto Square is a new self-cleaning cat litter box by HS2 Studio
New self-cleaning cat litter box by HS2 Studio

Sensors are installed on the tray to detect the presence and movement of cats. After the cat has finished his business, the tray flips over and allows the litter box and litter box to be safely deposited in the bag below. Pluto Square is also perfect for eliminating odors and splashes thanks to its stepper, which coordinates perfectly with your canopy. Simply pull out the litter bag and insert a new one. The bin will then be placed.

Pluto Square will ensure that your cat’s litter box is clean and tidy when you are away. It is large enough to accommodate big cats or newborn kittens and can support weights up to a large Siamese. The product is available in five colors and features an iOS or Android app for tracking cat habits.

Indiegogo recently raised funds for the project. Visit the official website of HS2 to find out more.