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I do a lot of lazy Susans in my cabinet making business, so I cut circles of many diameters. Changing diameters is easy with my circular cutting jig, because I use a pop rivet as a removable center pin.

The jig is a piece of MDF with an attached rail that is sized to slide into the gauge slot of my bandsaw. Draw a perpendicular line on the MDF. Install the mask, cut to the line and lock onto a stop block. Remove the jig and drill holes for the center pin of the press rivet, measuring the cut you made.

To use the jig, insert the pop rivet into the appropriate hole and install a blank. Its bottom must have a center hole the size of the pop rivet. Make a straight cut up to the stop block. Rotate the blank clockwise to cut the circle. When cutting large circles, I support the mask with an adjustable roller holder.

Cut the press rivet to 3/8 “and sharpen the tip. Drill and countersink holes to accommodate the rivet shank and collar.

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