Pretty Pies, Baking Tools and Cookbooks (+ Video)

Pretty pies, baking tools and cookbooks (+ video)

WWith Thanksgiving coming so early, we’re thinking of our Thanksgiving menu! One thing’s for sure… this gluten-free vegan apple pie will be part of the festivities. Courtney first made this pie to us a few years ago and it was SO good that from then on it has become a staple dessert for every family reunion.

You can find the simple pie recipe she uses HERE (just use gluten free flour to make it gluten free – this is the flour she uses (Bob’s Red Mill 1: 1 Gluten Free Baking Flour).

Pretty pies, baking tools and cookbooks (+ video)

Courtney made these two pies last week just because. “You don’t need a vacation to bake a pretty pie,” she says. I am okay! Any day is a good day for the pie. 🙂 You might remember her other pies that we’ve shared here: Easter Pie, a woodland themed pie, and her first pie she made with fall leaves. She’s often asked where she gets her cookie cutters to make all of the pretty designs, so we thought we’d share a few here today. We also did a live video together last week to share her favorite tools and tips!

Click HERE to watch the Video Replay – Pie Making Tools & Baking Recipe Books.

Pretty pies, baking tools and cookbooks (+ video)

Sources above (click below for details):

First Prize Pie Recipe Book

Leaf Pie Crust Cutters (Courtney uses these most often!)

Script Cookie Cutters (the same ones used for the “Pie Love You” pie above)

White pie plate with ruffle edge (we have this one, good quality and a good deep dish!)

Patterned kitchen towels (many pattern options)

Stamped Measuring Cups

Sister’s Pie Recipe Book

Leaf Pie Crust Cutters

White hand written measuring spoons

Christmas themed plunger cutters for pie crust or cookies

Winter Snowflake Pie Crust Cutters with Piston

Thanksgiving Pie Crust Cutter Set with Plungers – Turkey, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak Leaf

Christmas cookie cutters with plunger stamp – Gingerbread people, reindeer, tree, Santa

Deep Plate Porcelain Pie Plate (we have this exact pie plate – it has a nice textured design on the sides)

Bear cookie cutters with stamps (these also make adorable sugar cookies)

French wooden rolling pin

More baking tools below (or click HERE to view them in our bakery):

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