Product Pick of the Week

Twisted Chandelier by Shoppe

Autumn is finally here! We’ve had a wonderful summer, but it’s time to say goodbye to the long, warm nights and welcome to the slower months to comeā€¦ to celebrate the rich fall hues and comfy layers that make this transition season so special.

Bringing us to none other than this week’s product pick of the week: the TWISTED CANDLE HOLDER from Shoppe. Made from 100% beeswax and handcrafted, these candle holders are perfect for fall. Present it at your next gathering to add interest and movement to your table, display it on your fireplace or buffet, or give it as a gift! With two colors to choose from, these uniquely sculpted chandeliers are sure to add a raised element to any space. Pair it with the SCHOHARIE CANDLE HOLDER for a complete look.

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