Product Pick of the Week

We’re back to our regular lineup with our Weekly Product Picker Series – a series where we share one thing you should add to the cart this week and why! Do you end up buying our weekly product? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Kitchen equipment

We’re crazy to make even the most practical items in our home feel handsome, including anything and everything in the kitchen! Like many of you, we have cooked it in our homes and we have delved into the “less is more” lifestyle. Our favorite find that ticks all the boxes: The trio of knives by Material Kitchen.

Here for all your slicing and dicing needs, this small but mighty set does the job of a full set of knives – and they look really good doing it! Made with Japanese steel for strength and sharpness, we have found its quality unmatched, especially in this price range. Our favorite part is that you can select your handle color to coordinate with your space – we love the ‘cool neutral’ tone, as seen in Amber’s house. Consider hanging their magnetic wooden holder if you want to keep your knives within reach of the chopping block. Good food!

store equipment

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