Proof of Income Letter [Template]


Your future landlord will need to see proof of income before getting the green light to move into your new apartment. Job verification is a key tool that lets your landlord see that you have a job and earn the money you claim to be making. We’re here to help you understand the process so you’re on the right track to finding the place of your dreams. And, if you’re looking for a sample job verification letter, we’ve got you covered, too.

What is a job verification letter?

A job verification letter or proof of income letter confirms that the information you provide to your future owner is true. When you apply for an apartment, a landlord checks various things along your route and your ability to pay your rent on time each month. In addition to looking for references who can vouch for your character, an owner wants to make sure that you are really employed and that you realize the income that you claim to be. This is where the proof of income letter comes in.

You will want to receive a letter from your employer to confirm your employment status and your salary. This letter is one of the many ways to show proof of income, and it’s not hard to get if you know what to ask for. You can use a sample job verification form if you want to make sure your employer covers all of the necessary items. This way you can enter your own information for them and simply ask them to approve it.

Busy employers will appreciate that something is already done – they may not have the time to find and enter all of this information themselves. In addition, getting proof of income quickly means that you may even be able to submit your letter and apartment request to the owner the same day. It’s a victory for everyone involved.

What are homeowners looking for when requesting a job verification?

A landlord will want to check the income and employment of his future tenant. This verification allows the owner to verify that you work in the company for which you claim to work and that you earn the salary that you say you earn. They don’t try to break into your personal life; they just want to know that you will make the rent on time.

An owner will seek to confirm the company you work for and their contact information. The reason they check this out first is that, unfortunately, some potential tenants may provide a false business name or contact information to advance their apartment request. Or, they will give the real name of a business, but associate it with the contact information of a relative or friend who claims to be working for the business just to confirm false employment and income information.

Your potential owner will use the letter you provide to verify the business name and contact information, either by searching online or by contacting the reference you provided to confirm. A landlord can first contact your company’s human resources department to let them know that they are looking to verify the employment status and income information of their future tenant. Once they have contacted the right person, your owner will confirm that you work in the company, your seniority and your salary.

You may need to sign a written job verification request for your prospective future owner, as many employers will need your written consent before you can provide information to the owner.

Sample proof of income letter [Template]

Are you in a rush or just want to make sure you cover all the right details? You can make your job easier (and that of your employer) by putting everything in place for them. After all, time is often essential when it comes to competitive apartment applications. Here is a template you can use for your proof of employment letter:

[Employer Name]
[Employer Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Subject: Job verification letter for [Your Name]

expensive [Landlord’s Name],

I am writing to you regarding [Your Name], employee of [Name of Company/Place of Work] since [Month and Year Employment Began]. [Your Name] currently holds the title of [Your Job Title].

[Your Name] working on a [Full-Time/Part-Time] base and works [#] hours per week. [Your Name] earn $[Insert Dollar Amount] on a [Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual] based.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [Employer Phone Number and/or Employer Email Address].


[Space for Employer Signature]
[Print Employer Name]
[Employer Title]

Job Verification Letter Next Steps

If your employer completes the information himself, be sure to check everything in the letter once you have collected it. Aside from typos, you want to make sure there is nothing in there that contradicts the information you included in your rental request. Ask for changes if necessary, then send your letter to the owner.

Gathering all the elements of a solid rental application doesn’t have to create undue stress. You can make your life easier by having your proof of employment and income ready to send. Your employer will thank you for simplifying the process, and give your future landlord instant peace of mind by showing you that you have the funds and the sense of responsibility to pay the rent on time.

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