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One afternoon my wife called my shop with an urgent request. He needed me to make a round plywood pie plate for a charity auction. I assured her there would be no problems. I was in the middle of a project and didn’t want to spend all afternoon on it. Then I realized: I could use my router table.

I tore a 3/4 “wide strip of 3/8” hardwood to fit the corner slot and drilled a pilot hole near one end for a heavy box nail inserted from the bottom. Then I fixed the hardwood strip into the oblique channel of my router table with the nail positioned at the distance of the circle radius from the edge of a straight tip.

I made a central hole in the next cake pan and placed it on the nail. I raised the edge of the plywood while turning on the router, then lowered it to the tip. After boring the part, I turned the plywood to cut a perfect circle. –Doug Bittinger

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