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Advised price: $ 19.99- $ 34.99 (for a tray + clamp base kit)

Storing small parts while working on a project is always a game of compromise. Built-in storage is useful, but it’s also a great place to collect sawdust and debris when not in use. Small bowls or old tupperware containers are great in the short term, but they can easily be knocked over or lost when moved around the store. Quipt Tools has come up with a great solution that perfectly balances all the best parts of the other storage options: the Quipt tray.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the Quipt tray is designed to be a portable and safe plastic container to hold all kinds of small parts and tools. Just attach the clamp holder, connect the tray and you are good to go. The tray slides firmly into place with magnetic guides so it can’t be easily bumped or knocked over. The field can be fixed at various points in the store or even directly on the piece of furniture you are working on. When you’re done, the tray and clamp can be easily removed and can be stored where they don’t collect sawdust.

Basically I found the Quipt tray incredibly useful for all kinds of tasks. At my table saw I used it to hold my tape measure and pencil, it worked great when I installed the screws with recessed holes on a shelf, and I even used it to hold the Allen keys while I gave the my bike a tuning. There were a few times when the relatively small 2 ″ clamp opening forced me to get creative when my ideal mounting point was too thick, but that wasn’t a big deal. At $ 20 per small tray plus clamp, it’s not the cheapest option, but the accuracy of the design and quality of workmanship seem to be worth the investment.

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