Rattan Daybed in Our Guest Room

Rattan daybed in our guest room

Yesyesterday was the first official day of fall! But it’s been coming to mind for weeks now… 🙂 We’re in wrapping mode at our Seattle home this week (if you’ve seen my stories, our house is on hold!). It has been an interesting feeling to say goodbye to a house that we put so much love into, but overall it looks so good. Have you experienced this bitter sweetness when saying goodbye to one house and hello to another? I will talk about it in a future post.

Today I wanted to show you one thing we did before putting the house up for sale that made me SO HAPPY! When we got this rattan daybed years ago, we had it in our living room (remember it was the dog’s favorite lookout perch outside?). I always imagined how cute it would be in our little spare bedroom and hoped we would move it there eventually. But in the meantime, we had a queen-size bed in this room for the guests. This was the most convenient choice as we often had my family from Portland coming to visit us.

Eventually we rearranged our living room and the daybed went into my son’s bedroom (the bedroom next to it). He had come home from college in 2020 and it was his bed. Once he moved and we got the house ready for sale, I was excited about the opportunity to move it into this room! Court and I moved it down the hall ourselves and it was quite an experience… we almost didn’t make it – ha! Once we entered him he looked as cute as I expected.

While I wish I could have had her in this room for longer, I always decorated our home first with practicality in mind and our family’s real life. I don’t style or fix things “for the blog”… what you see in my house is really how we lived and what really worked for our family!

I think it would be fun to show you here on the blog a complete tour of our home as it was “staged” when we put it up for sale. Would you like to see this? We took a lot of pictures! I will work on the assembly (between the packing boxes, of course). 🙂

By the way, there is a big sale at Serena & Lily right now where I bought this daybed and other statement items in my house! I’m also getting some pieces for our new home, can’t wait to share.

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Other sources in this room:

Wood Pearl Chandelier Pendant

Navy blue striped curtains with pompoms

The Navy Bird botanical illustrations are unfortunately out of stock, but they were from Walmart!