Realistic Faux/Artificial Tulips – Simple Spring Decorating

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I’m a big fan of fresh spring flowers, but I also love having realistic faux options for those times when you need some cheerful blooms and don’t have the real deal. I love these fake tulips I recently received! They even look and feel so realistic.

It’s wonderful to put in the garden and have flowers to bring, but if you don’t have what you want, the fake can be a perfectly acceptable substitute. And since the false will remain perfectly persevered, you will never have to go through the falling phase! You can also mix real with fake and nobody needs to know about it.

I received several bouquets of tulips for spring, and I also just ordered peonies for summer from the same brand! I chose the spring orange color, and the light pink. I’ll be sure to show them to you too when they arrive. Maybe they’ll even come in handy for Courtney’s wedding this summer! Have you seen her wedding mood board and some of her plans? Click here if you missed it!

Of course, I can’t wait to plant REAL spring and summer flowers! Walking around the yard is one of my favorite things to do this time of year, so I’m excited to start planning our garden spaces. We have the perfect garden for this phase of our life, it already has a good head start with mature bushes and trees, and it is compact so it will be easy to design, plant and maintain. I can already imagine the end result, it will be so lovely!

Are you excited about spring gardening? Stay tuned for more posts to inspire you!

These tulips above are pink in color.

These tulips above are those of coral.

Realistic Artificial/Artificial Tulips - Simple Spring Decoration

Fake Tulips and Peonies (scroll and click on the images below for details):

Realistic Artificial/Artificial Tulips - Simple Spring Decoration

PS, if you missed my last post, I’ve shared some more photos of our living room and the spring putter here!

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