Recipe: River Fairy Cocktail with AMASS

With the change of weather and the possibility of finally reuniting with friends and family, we find ourselves gathered around the table at sunset, with a home cooked meal and a delicious drink in hand. Every dinner is a party, with lots of laughs and an incredible amount of hugs – the feeling of being together again is unmatched! To help celebrate these special moments, we’ve teamed up with our friends at AMASS to share clean and delicious summer cocktail recipes to cheer on throughout the summer. If you haven’t heard of AMASS yet, you must try! It’s one of our favorite all-natural distilleries here in California. It’s run and co-founded by Morgan McLahlan, one of the world’s first female distillers, and their packaging stands up to their exquisite spirits. They make the perfect hostess gift or place on a bar cart for display.

In this week’s recipe, we used the non-alcoholic botanical spirit, Riverine to whip up a refreshing drink with mint and cucumbers. It’s the perfect option for pregnant women, non-drinking guests, or for when you want to keep things light. It encapsulates the lush landscape of the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest and is distilled in California with a regional blend of all-natural plants such as juniper, sumac, sorrel, lemon peel, and more. Feel free to substitute their classic dry gin or the botanical vodka if you prefer – you can’t go wrong anyway. Cheers!

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