Refresh Your Bedroom for Winter – A Lovely January

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

The change of seasons can be a wonderful reason to freshen up your home. With the holidays behind us and the winter months yet to come, we can use this season to create a sanctuary where we feel toasty warm all winter.

We recently moved into a new house, so we haven’t yet set up our bedroom apart to just ‘move in our things! So I’m delighted to think a little more about this space in January. To dream even a little.

Even if you don’t need or plan on giving your bedroom a makeover this season, a moment of rest and dreaming is good for the soul!

In my next book A Lovely Life, I’m talking about using the winter season just for that, a season to rest and recharge! I definitely spend more time in my room in the winter. Of course, I also like to sit by the fire or warm myself in the kitchen, but I especially like to retire to my room early so that I can snuggle up and get warm – so I need it to be. a welcoming place for a long winter nap :).

If you saw my last post, we’re running a home challenge this month called A Lovely January! It’s simple: choose any room in your house to progress this month. You can read more about how to participate here. I would love you to join us and share!

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

I chose to work on my room for the challenge.

Our main budget and priority this year will be for the remodel and addition of the kitchen, which I will also be talking about on the blog. But because the bedroom is my winter retreat, I want to give it a bit of freshness to make it as comfortable and comforting as possible.

We’re going to use the furniture we already have, which currently consists of our so versatile dresser (over the years we’ve used it for clothes, moved to the living room, and used it in the guest bedroom closet! ). We plan to use our same rattan bed, the bookcase we painted in our old house, a few lamps, a mirror or two as well as two bedside tables that came with the house as well as an IKEA chair that also came with the house. ! We may update any of these over time if we find rooms that we like better or that match the size or organizational needs of the room, but for now we’re happy with what. we have.

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

So what are we going to do for our refreshment?

We took our garland apart this week, so we’re going to do a clean slate again!


I want to touch on the lighting here to make it as comfortable as possible. We already have a new brass floor lamp (pictured above), which is perfect for reading in the chair. We’ll probably keep the floral lamp we have on our dresser (below), it’s so pretty! I want to start looking for a ceiling light, the one that is there is not that great so it’s not an emergency at all but I always like to change the light fixtures in a new home to bring more character and personality. I will also be ordering plug-in wall lights by the bed so that we have more room on our bedside tables. To bring a softer light into the room, I’ll need an additional lamp or wall sconce, so I’ll look for something affordable.

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January


Hanging that mirror was one of our tasks that we have already completed! I love the way it reflects the view out the windows. Mirrors always make a room look bigger! We’ve had this mirror for years, but I’ve found two similar if you’re looking for something similar: here and here.


While I still love some of the comforters I’ve acquired over the past few years (including the blue and white one below), I feel inspired to change up a few things with the bedding this winter. I don’t really have a “winter look” for this piece so I think it will be fun. I love being able to mix and match pillows, duvets and comforters and even get something new for the season, so I’m looking forward to that. I don’t have any other rooms with beds at this time other than my rattan daybed in my new office, so this will be the one I enjoy working with every season!

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

Color pallet:

We thought about repainting our room this month, but decided not to use it. The paint color (Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore) is actually very pretty and really complements the colors of the water and the sky outside, so it’s very calming here. Once we’ve been living with it for a while, we can change the color if we want to, but for now, we can save our time and energy for other things. I’m going to have fun with the bedding and mix colors and patterns together, so I think the backdrop will work well for a variety of options!

New cover:

I thought about putting a different chair here, but again, it doesn’t seem necessary at this time. The chair that is here is super comfy, so I can update it with a cover and keep it or at least enjoy it until I have a better idea!

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

New bench:

We need a bench for the end of our bed. This is how our dogs can get up and most sleep in their beds at night, but they love to cuddle up to us in the morning and take naps here during the day. I think it’s heartwarming for them. Anyway, that’s what it is ha).


I don’t know yet what I want to do for the art here, right now we have a few things but nothing has to be permanent so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled! Art can add style and color to a room, and it can be adapted to the seasons as well. By the way, we’ve shared a lot of art sources on our new Instagram The Inspired Room Style – we’ve saved them in the “Art” highlight here on our profile!

Window treatments:

I was not sure I would put curtains here, but I think they are so comfortable for a bedroom. Right now, some windows have paper blinds and others have nothing. Privacy isn’t much of an issue on windows that don’t have anything yet, but it would be nice to be able to darken the room further and add some softness. I’ll share my ideas for adding curtain panels and maybe even adding shutters on a window to add privacy to the bottom half.

Refresh Your Room For Winter - A Beautiful January

A function:

There is a lot of need for organization here and in our closet, so putting ideas together and working on organizational systems will be on my radar this winter too!


My ultimate plan is to add hardwood floors here and throughout the house. Since we are doing a renovation, we may end up doing all the floors at the same time. Or, I can start with the floor first. We will see. I’ll show you my inspiration as I go! In the meantime, a rugs or two could be cute near exterior doors or a chair to add some color or pattern.

List of dreams:

I will happily work on this piece for years to come! I would love to add wallpaper or wood wall treatment, wood ceilings, crown molding, fireplace… no end to the fun ideas I could imagine for this space!

Well I think that gives me a great list to watch this season! Making a big list doesn’t mean I’m going to do them all. I’m definitely not in a rush so there is no pressure to do anything. I will like to do what inspires me and look for things that I can do now, even if we decide to make other changes in the future. My goal for January is to end the month with updated lighting and a cozy wintery look for the bed.

What are you working on this month? Share your ideas, projects, dreams, lists and progress in our The Inspired Room Facebook group or on your social media with the hashtag #alovelyjanuary (also tag me @theinspiredroom so I can see!).