Remodelista Gift Guide 2020: 10 Outstanding Jigsaw Puzzles

All my life I had never been a puzzle person. I couldn’t avoid having to flip hundreds of small pieces right side up, then sort the edge pieces from the rest – just getting started! Then one summer we rented a house on Cape Cod and found a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle sitting on a shelf of old board games. One rainy day, I pulled out the tattered box and took a dive.

I was addicted and spent the following mornings happy with my new coffee and puzzle routine. That sense of accomplishment when everything’s done and you put the last piece back in? Incomparable. Now that I have half a dozen puzzles under my belt, I can tell you, however, that some are just more satisfying than others. In particular, the more convincing the image, the more fun you will have.

Here, 10 particularly cool and clever puzzles to bring relaxation, joy and all those well-being holiday vibes for you and your loved ones.

Meredith directed me to Piecework, a new company (her slogan is & # 8
Above: Meredith directed me to Piecework, a new company (its slogan is “puzzles for the president”) that makes, in her words, “weirdly beautiful” still life photos become puzzles. We see here the paradise found; the featured image (yes, this whole photograph is the puzzle), at the top, is the aptly named Meta Puzzle. The two 1000-piece puzzles are on sale for $ 28.80 each.
Above: Margot’s husband is obsessed with Liberty Puzzles, based in Boulder, CO. The company specializes in wooden jigsaw puzzles that feature “whimsical pieces”, puzzle pieces cut into recognizable shapes, objects, characters or animals. There is currently a waiting list; sign up and Liberty will send you an email, in which case you will have 24 hours to make a purchase. Pictured is their Yosemite United Airlines puzzle ($ 115); on the right, this is what it looks like on the back of the puzzle.

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