Ring Video Doorbell 3 just dropped to its lowest price in 2021


Megan Wollerton/HDOT

Making your home safe starts with the front door. A video doorbell shows you who is nearby, lets you chat through the built-in speaker and most importantly keeps you informed when packages arrive. It’s a great way to start building a whole home security system, as long as you can do it on a budget. The best time to get a video doorbell to keep your home safe is when it’s on sale, and today is that day. A $40 price drop has put this doorbell at $140, its lowest price since December. 

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The Ring Video Doorbell 3 lets you keep your home safe with a wireless connection to your front door. The 1080p camera has better motion detection compared to the previous versions, and you gain access to the Ring Network so your video can sync up with other Ring Doorbells in the neighborhood in case there’s ever someone trying to do something bad to multiple homes. And if you’re an Alexa user in your house, it couldn’t be easier to connect a Ring and let you see video or talk through your speakers to the front door.