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Whether it’s your first apartment or your fifth, sharing space with roommates is a delicate balance between defining expectations and respecting everyone’s space. To make things transparent and avoid unnecessary conflicts, you may want to consider a co-location agreement. Unfamiliar? We will explain what it is and who should sign one, and provide you with a free roommate agreement template to use.

What is a shared accommodation agreement?

Even if you have asked all the right questions before entering into a roommate relationship, conflicts can arise when people live together. After all, everyone is human. A roommate agreement will help clarify expectations before there is a problem and help define guidelines if there is a problem.

A co-location agreement defines the responsibilities of each tenant. These responsibilities may include behavior towards each other as well as duties towards the apartment itself (such as cleaning and taking out garbage). It is a binding agreement which helps to prevent conflicts before they arise and to resolve any disagreements.

Who needs a roommate agreement?

It’s a good idea to add a roommate agreement to your apartment checklist, whether you’re moving in with a close friend or a complete stranger. Conflicts can arise even between best friends. It’s a good idea to set expectations before there is even a problem, so that you know that everyone sharing a space is on the same page.

Essential elements to include in your agreement

Your apartment is your home and you want your home to be comfortable for everyone. Establish “house” rules for things that will certainly happen, such as paying rent, utility bills, and security deposits. Add rules that are important to you regarding quiet hours, overnight guests, shared cleaning and common areas.

If one or more of the tenants in your group are on a monthly rental, explain in detail what this means for your common situation. Agreeing on how to find a replacement roommate if someone moves is not a bad idea either.

While it’s up to you to decide what you want to have in writing, the agreement is a good way to discuss shared expectations when the group moves in. Make sure that everyone who signed the lease also signs the roommate agreement, remembering that this type of agreement usually only lasts for the duration of the lease.

Roommate agreement template


Ready to write a roommate agreement, but don’t know where to start? Use our easy to customize roommate agreement template below, adding or removing names based on the number of people you will be living under the same roof.


[Roommate 1 Name], [Roommate 2 Name], and [Roommate 3 Name]

We are all roommates at [Street Address, City, State, Zip Code]. The above-mentioned tenants are under a [year-long/six-month/etc.] lease expires on [Month/Day/Year your lease expires]. [If any of the renter’s leases differ, i.e., someone is on a month-to-month lease, but others are not, detail that here.] Each roommate signed a lease with the owner [Name of Landlord]. In addition, each roommate paid $[dollar amount] to a security deposit. The total security deposit is $[dollar amount].

[Roommate 1 Name], [Roommate 2 Name], and [Roommate 3 Name] accept the following:

1) Rent

The $[dollar amount] the monthly rent will be shared equally between the tenants, at $[dollar amount].

Or, if the rents vary (in case of different room sizes, rooms shared between couples, etc.):

The $[dollar amount] the monthly rent will be distributed as follows: [Roommate 1 Name] will pay $[dollar amount] per month, [Roommate 2 Name] will pay $[dollar amount] per month, and [Roommate 3 Name] will pay $[dollar amount] per month.

[Roommate 2 Name] and [Roommate 3 Name] will each make a check for $[dollar amount(s)] speak [agreed-upon day] of each month. [Roommate 1 Name] will then make a check for the total rent for the month and mail it to all roommates on [Landlord’s address] by [agreed-upon day] of each month.

2 bedrooms

[Describe here which bedrooms each renter will have. If two or more roommates are sharing a bedroom, include that information here as well.] For example:

[Roommate 1 Name] and [Roommate 2 Name] will share the largest room with the adjacent balcony. [Roommate 3 Name] will have the smallest room. [Roommate 3 Name] will pay $ XXX more to get the room for themselves.

3) Night guests

[You can include any rules in this section depending on your wishes, such as no more than [#] different overnight guests per month, no overnight guests, etc. Here is an example:]

Each tenant agrees not to have more than one guest for the night at a time. Each tenant also undertakes to inform the other roommates in advance of any overnight stay, if possible.

4) Cleaning

All roommates are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. will be cleaned according to the following schedule: [detail shared schedule here]. Cleaning includes: [list expectations such as vacuuming, dusting, etc.]. Each tenant must also clean up after themselves after using the bathroom and kitchen.

5) Food

All roommates are responsible for their own food. Sharing food should be discussed in advance.

6) Utilities

Each roommate will pay an equal share of [list shared bills, such as internet, gas, electricity]. [Roommate Name] will have the invoices under their name; [Roommate Name] and [Roommate Name] will pay its share of the costs at the end of each month.

7) Violations of the agreement

The roommates agree that, in the event of a serious and / or repeated violation of the agreement, the roommates may request the violating party to leave. If the roommates ask a roommate to leave the apartment, they will do so within [#] weeks.

8) Early termination of the lease

A tenant will have to work directly with the landlord if they wish to terminate the lease earlier.[[[[Add here all the details on who will be responsible for finding a replacement tenant.]

Depending on the conditions of the rental agreement, the owner may not return the security deposit of the departing tenant until a new tenant moves in to replace them. In the event of necessary repairs or damage, the roommates may lose all or part of the security deposit.

9) Additional information

[Add anything else you’d like to agree upon ahead of time here. This could include a notice about leaving town, informing other roommates in case of emergency, etc.]

All those who sign below accept the terms defined in this colocation contract.

[Signature of Roommate 1]: ______________________________________
Name in block letters: _______________________________________
Date: __________________

[Signature of Roommate 2]: ______________________________________
Name in block letters:
Dated: __________________

[Signature of Roommate 3]: ______________________________________
Name in block letters: _______________________________________
Dated: __________________

Whether you are looking for an apartment with friends or find someone to share the rent for the apartment of your dreams, agreeing to some house rules from the start will help give you peace of mind.

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