Rooms that Can Do Double Duty for Guests and Working From Home – with a Built in Daybed

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Bedrooms that can do double duty for guests and working from home - with a built-in day bed
Inspiration for our dual purpose guest bedroom – Rita Konig

One of my projects for our new home is to create a built-in bed (or two) in a room that will serve as both a quiet workspace and a cozy place for our children or visiting guests. This daybed situation above is one of my inspiration photos! I not only love the flexibility of the arrangement (I would have two twin beds end to end), but having drawers under the beds is just what I need to make the most of our space.

When we moved into our “tiny house” a few months ago and invited my parents to move in with us, I knew over time that we needed to figure out a few important details about how we would use our available space. . Besides making decisions about how we want to live and function comfortably at home day to day, we would need to come up with other creative solutions such as making room for our children to come and stay with us!

In a smaller home, flex spaces and double work rooms are often good options for maximizing what you have! We simply won’t have a dedicated room for every need or excess space for every idea we come up with, so it will be important to be intentional about our home design.

We all have our own preferences and space needs, of course (and I’ll go into more of our own needs, layouts, and plans in future articles!). Each season will likely also bring different needs to your family!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve given myself time in our new home to focus and contemplate what our current (and future) situations are, what seems to be working and what isn’t. For example, the four of us (my husband, my parents and myself!) stay at home every day with our two dogs. So, although we are now officially “empty nesters”, our nest is not empty at all.

I know for myself that as a writer and creator for my own company (The Inspired Room), I have unique needs for the types of spaces that I like to use and that work for me in order to focus and create every day. I always strive to create a home that is inspired by our real lives, not just the latest trends!

I’ve been doing this as a company since 2007 (and this is the FOURTH house we’ve lived in since I started The Inspired Room!) So it’s no surprise to me that a calm and comfortable has always been key to my ability to do the job I need to do. Fun fact, I also worked from home part time even when our kids were little, long before I had my own business, so I always learned to get creative with space and time. to do the job.

Although the seasons have changed for us and our family composition has also changed, my ability to work effectively in a full household still depends on making good use of “spaces of distancing” where I can be organized as well as myself. escape each day to reflect. , write and create.

Also, I really miss my kids, so comfy guest beds will definitely be in our future!

What are your space needs in your home? Would a double room with daybed also serve you?

The inspiration image can also be found in the book A Place to Call Home (available on Amazon), one of my all-time favorites!

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