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Drill a mortise requires you to move the stock from side to side. Using a Forstner bit, first drill the holes in the ends, then drill the overlapping holes in the middle. To keep the workpiece snug against the fence, it helps to have a feather that works in both directions. I made one using a couple of MagJigs.

A MagJig is a magnetic clamp. Turn its knob one way and exert a powerful magnetic force. Turn the knob to the other side and let go. Mounted on a cast iron drill table, it is rock solid.

I have added a rotating rubber washer which acts as a roller bearing on each Magjig. The washer rotates on a machine screw that passes through a mounting hole in the MagJig. A nylon lock nut secures the washer.

You could make the same kind of roller bearing device without using MagJig, but I love these things because they’re so easy to place. -Jim Reinhart

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