Samsung RT21M6213SR top freezer refrigerator review: Simple, yet stylish

Samsung refrigerators are typically aimed at buyers willing to spend more for fancy designs and lots of enticing features. Not the RT21M6213SR, though. It’s just a boring, old fridge freezer – one of the first Samsung ever sold in the US – and although it debuted at an asking price of $ 1,100, you can currently get it for under a thousand dollars.

In fact, at its current price of $ 850, Samsung’s top freezer is on par with entry-level full-size refrigerators from names like GE, hydromassage is Kenmore. But hey, we’re talking Samsung, so it also includes a couple of classic Samsung temptations to help set it apart – namely, recessed door handles, a “FlexZone” feature that lets you dial the freezer into refrigerator mode, and for a hundred dollars more, the option of a black stainless steel finish.

It’s a pretty decent step up as far as the best freezers go, and in the case of the RT21, it offers acceptable performance too. That makes this fridge a good choice for buyers on a tight budget who still want something that feels like an upgrade. With the RT21, Samsung made it.

Design and features

The RT21M6213SR makes a good first impression as can reasonably be expected from an upper freezer. Sturdy recessed handles at the top of the refrigerator door and at the bottom of the freezer door give the refrigerator a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The optional black stainless steel finish is also a nice touch and a rarity in the top freezer category. Even in standard stainless steel, it looks and feels better than it is.

It’s hard to see what’s in that Slide & Reach drawer without bending over.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Inside is a total of 21.2 cubic feet of storage space, of which 15.4 is allotted to the refrigerator compartment. If that’s not enough, you can take advantage of Samsung’s “FlexZone” feature to convert the freezer into additional refrigerator space – the same feature found in Samsung’s high-end French door models.

In addition to the standard set of fruit and vegetable containers at the bottom of the refrigerator, there is also a “Slide and Reach” drawer at the top. The placement feels a little awkward since you have to bend down a bit to see what’s inside, but it’s still a nice feature considering the space above the top shelf typically goes to waste.

One odd note, though: The Samsung product page for this refrigerator states that it features “adjustable shelves” and uses the image of a sliding shelf to make room for a tall wine bottle underneath. It is not correct. You can rearrange the shelves in this fridge up and down by moving them to different racks (as with almost all fridges), but they don’t slide or shift at all. Maybe Samsung meant you could upgrade those shelves by purchasing slide-in versions as a separate accessory, but that’s not an option, at least not on Samsung’s website. Let’s hope someone clarifies the list.

Something else worth knowing: The fridge doesn’t come with an ice maker, although you have the option of adding one to the freezer for an extra $ 100. This fridge also doesn’t dispense water – for a top freezer that does. ago, consider a model like the Kenmore 79432 which hides a dispenser inside the fridge, or even the GE GAS18PSJSS, which automatically fills a special jug of water every time you snap it into place.

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