Save $200 on this Shark robot vac with self-empty base

Shark Robot Vacuum


Robot vacuums are great for cleaning up a bunch of different kinds of floors, but their small design means they need to be frequently emptied out. Shark is one of several companies to recently release new versions of popular robot vacuums with the ability to self-empty into a larger container, making it so you don’t need to touch it for up to 30 days at a time. This increase in convenience came with an equal increase in price, which is why it’s such a big deal to see this new kit dropped to $300 today.

The Shark AV911S is an Alexa-enabled robot vacuum designed with pet hair removal in mind. You can program it to run on a regular schedule, or just ask Alexa to turn it on and it will start a routine to address every room it can reach. Sensors on the bottom of the body allow it to detect stairs so it doesn’t have any unfortunate accidents, and the body is only 12 inches tall so it can fit under a lot of things most other vacuums can’t. And if you don’t have to empty it out for a whole month, your home can stay clean without you needing to think about it.