Save 25% on the Amazon smart soap dispenser (that we totally loved)


David Watsky/HDOT

When I heard about a $55 smart soap dispenser from Amazon, I was skeptical. But I tried it and loved it. While I would contend $55 is a bit steep for this bathroom gadget, even with all the sturdy design, fun features and smart connectivity, it’s a great buy at $41. That’s where it sits right now on sale at Amazon, marked down $14 for a limited time.

What makes this soap dispenser smart? For one, it’s automatic, so you never have to touch it, eliminating a high-traffic germ touchpoint during cold and flu season. It also has LED lights that blink in a 20-second countdown while you scrub to keep in line with official recommendations. And it connects with your Amazon smart speaker so you can cue up the day’s weather report, stock quotes or even 20 seconds of reminder music in the morning when you first wash your hands (you can set it so it only plays the first time you activate it).

It’s a great gift for kids to encourage good hand hygiene or anyone who loves smart home everything. For more, read my review of Amazon’s Smart Soap.

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