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I have made over 600 screwdrivers. Does this get me into the Tool Nut club? It all started with a handle that I turned for a file. I enjoyed this job so much that I started making handles for other tools as well. Now I specialize in screwdrivers. I’m going to buy a bunch of tools with plastic handles, remove their handles and make new ones. Forty species later, I can’t stop.

Screwdrivers make great business cards or gifts. A friend uses one of my screwdrivers to adjust his snowboard. Another keeps it in the toolbox for a remote-controlled plane. My wife stores one with her sewing machine and my daughter has one in her dorm room. I have tried different finishes, but the best is the one that cannot be purchased. It is the oil from someone’s hands, which means that the screwdriver is much loved and used. –Tim Heil

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