See How Designer Maureen Stevens Gave a 1920s Home a Modern Makeover

Designer Maureen Stevens set out to give this 1920s home a modern makeover, and by incorporating cool colors, gold hardware and geometric details, she was able to breathe new life into the Victorian-style home. Yet it has retained its unique history, making century-old moldings, stained glass windows and original bathroom fittings the focal point of the house.

Fill your inspiration board with ideas for decorating this sun-drenched home. On the way, fly Good Housekeeping Top tips from Carolyn Forte, Home Cleaning and Maintenance Lab Manager, on how to keep every room in your home sparkling.

The living room

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The relaxing hue of the living room (Benjamin Moore’s gray owl) fades to reveal the century-old glowing white trim. Architectural accents like a coffered ceiling draw the eye to the ceiling.


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Textured pendants, made in Thailand in the style of traditional bamboo fishing baskets, unite the natural elements of the kitchen and veranda.

Cleaning advice: Intricate moldings serve as stylish focal points, but these sophisticated details can harbor cobwebs. To remove them you will need an extendable feather duster. Look for one that extends up to six feet, which gives you a range of over 11 feet.

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The retro pattern acts as a counterpoint to the warm wood shelves and elegant brass hardware.

Cleaning advice: Polished fixtures can be a bit tricky to keep spot-free. To prevent the minerals in hard water from altering the shine, dry the water drops with a microfiber cloth to clean the glass. It will polish without leaving any traces.


bathroom home visit

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Keeping the period fixtures like stained glass, a claw-foot tub and the original sink and tile was the homeowners priority. The result is a bright room that highlights period details.

Cleaning advice: Soaking a shower head in vinegar to remove hard water clogs can ruin its finish. Dip a soft brush in vinegar to scrub, then rinse.

    living the dream own 1920 victorian house in houston, texas designer maureen stevens, maureenstevenscom bathroom, asymmetrical shower with black and white tiling

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    Mixed black-and-white tiles – and a wooden bench for a dose of comfort – complete the small shower in the main bathroom. “The hard edges of wall tiles and the rounded edges of penny tiles work well together,” says Stevens. “It’s a good balance between simple and drastic.”

    A version of this feature appeared in the June 2021 issue of Good Housekeeping.

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