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Self portrait

Seeing that it was a very beautiful day, I started sculpting a gnome. This little guy would be my masterpiece. Hours went by, then days while I worked on my gnome. From his incredibly long beard and massive head to his tiny legs, feet and hands, he was, I hear, a perfectly executed gnome. A gnome for ages, I thought as I painted his bright red coat, orange pants, black shoes and pink face.

When the paint dried, I proudly showed my masterpiece to the rest of my family. Apparently, some of them thought my glorious gnome looked like an older, shorter version of me. –John Montgomery

Glue Lake

I buy the glue in gallons to save some money, but I was tired of cleaning up the spills caused by trying to pour the glue from the big and bulky jug. So I ordered a smaller bottle of the squeeze type. Unfortunately, the new bottle came with a hole in the bottom, so I asked for a replacement. This would have been the perfect time to throw the punctured bottle in the trash, but instead I left it on the workbench.

After making sure the replacement bottle was healthy, I placed it on the counter while I retrieved the gallon jug from across the store. Returning with the jug, I took a detour to check out another project. Eventually, I went back to the bench, filled the bottle all the way, screwed the cap on and called it a day.

When I walked into the shop the next morning, I quickly noticed something was wrong: like sentinel pines guarding a tranquil yellow lake, two empty glue bottles stood at opposite ends of my bench, separated by a perfectly smooth layer of dry glue. Doh! I had filled the wrong bottle! –Luke Steeves

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