September 2021 Home Product Recommendations

As Good HousekeepingSenior Home Editor, I come across tons of home related products, both good and bad. But there are some special finds that are just too great for me to keep to myself. That’s why I share my favorite home articles with you, our readers, here on our website every month in the hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Once fall officially kicks off, all I can think of is simple home accessories to make everything from lounging to the kitchen more pleasurable and luxurious. Whether it’s a candle to add warmth to my living room or a standout vase to show off my favorite flowers on my desk, little additions like these never fail to make a difference in my space. . Take a look below for this month’s list of finds, all of which come from Hispanic and Latinx-owned businesses in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.


Hummingbird Blessings Nature Art Print

Art by Anna Alvarado

$ 26.00

It can be difficult to find the right piece of art to transform a drab wall, but there’s no doubt that this vibrant cactus print featuring hummingbirds will bring your space together in an instant.


The Carryall Apron – Blue Moss


$ 68.00

This cotton canvas apron, with pockets for your phone and kitchen essentials, will make you feel like a professional chef. It comes in six colors, including this pretty blue.


Peruvian Starburst Wall Mirror

Lunda Sundara

$ 49.99

This sunburst mirror is not only designed to add personality to your space, it can also brighten it up.


Mexican wedding invitation insertions

There is nothing sweeter than these wedding invitation inserts, which can be personalized with the colors of your choice.


Handmade Ceramic Pompom Vase

The Nopo

$ 79.00

With this handcrafted pom pom vase, the most basic flower arrangement is guaranteed to be a conversation piece.


Honey Ginger Anise Body Scrub

16J Organic

$ 45.00

Your personal care routine is even more luxurious! Opt for this all-natural anise and ginger scrub to help soften and nourish dry skin.


Milk detergent


$ 35.00

We bet laundry will be less of a chore if you use this detergent, which is a blend of bergamot, white musk and amber. In addition, the eco-friendly product is made from plant materials and has aluminum packaging that can easily be recycled.


Burn candle n ° 0


$ 25.00

Fall is upon us and a comforting candle, like this scent-free option, is a must.


Technical case

There is nothing worse than rummaging through a packed bag of headphones or a cell phone charger. Keep your tech essentials in order with this pebble leather case that can be monogrammed.


Balance set


$ 25.00

Perfect for the astrology obsessed, this cute set comes with an enamel pin and matching gold foil print.

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