ShadeCraft Sunflower solar patio umbrella follows the sun at CES 2017

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Watch this giant robotic arm shield the sun


I love being outdoors, but direct sunlight can be a little annoying. Fortunately, Los Angeles-based robotics startup ShadeCraft came up with a really cool solution: the sunflower.

The sunflower is a standalone sunshade / parasol that has a ridiculous amount of technology packed into it, all designed to keep you comfortable regardless of the outside conditions. ShadeCraft says the sunflower won’t be ready until 2018, but here’s a list of its clever promises:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Solar powered
  • Integrated security camera
  • Integrated lighting
  • Integrated sensors
  • Related SmartShade app for Android and iPhone

While we have seen all kinds of fantastic unique products and ideas expand into bigger trends: Amazon Echo ($ 25 on Amazon), anyone? – we have never seen anything like Sunflower before. It sure seems like a smart way to handle the sun, but we’ll just have to see it for ourselves. We’re tracking Sunflower here at CES for hands-on photos and videos, so check back soon.

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