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The pinch rods are a piece of lumber with rounded ends with rounded edges. Place these points on one side and place two vertical corners on your carcass. For each measurement, square. This can be held together in numerous ways from splines to white tape as well as verita’s advertisements. This jig can cost soooo much money for the next $20. What the friends were doing was machining steel tubing to 3 1/4 in length — you will only use two bits at the same time when producing that one jis.

Shop-made Pinch Rods

Pinch Rods
Pinch Rods

One of the more accurate approaches to checking a case or another assembly for the square is to compare the internal diagonal measurements for the equidistance. The easiest way to do this is to use grip rods – a pair of sticks attached together with a collar to create the appropriate length for measurement. To use the grip rods, simply slide them until the ends slide into two opposite corners of the case, then lock them together to control opposite diagonals. I make pinch rods of various lengths to fit different sized projects. For rods longer than 24 ″, I use two collars, attaching one to each end of the overlapping rods.

I make my pinch rods by tearing them 316“Removes from 34“- thick hard wood, beveling one end of each about 30 °. I make the collar by gluing together 12“- thick hardwood pieces as shown. The collar is 1 34“-Wide of 1 34“-Long, with a 12“X 2 532“-Large tunnel for the rods. The 12”Size accommodates the two rods plus the head of a T-nut that holds a 516Locking thumbscrew “-diameter x 1” -long. I install the barbless T-nut before mounting the collar, epoxidizing it in place from the inside face of the collar. After gluing the collar together, I roll up the edges for convenience, using a 38“-Roundover bit in my router table. (For safety, hold the piece with a wooden screw clamp when milling.) –Pete Dulak.

Pinch Rods img
Pinch Rods img

How to make pinch sticks: the basic version

Fast and easily available versions of pinch rods are available anywhere. Use 2 pieces of scrap wood cut to the width and length of your measuring material plus 5-9 inches and place points at both ends of each stick. On average, one inch thick and 1.5 mm thick sticks are 3 – 3/4″. You wish to square the 14” cabinet carcass by diagonally aligning each side. You must cut each one and cut it into a piece measuring around 12” each. So by using the stackers they will be well stacked so each has some overlapping rods that keeps it stable.

Accurate inside measurements

While a pinch stick is a versatile instrument, the pinch stick offers many applications too, including interior measurement.As Wood Whisper has said, the piece comes from cw. cw.s. In this case, sizing the outside of the body becomes simple. Here’s how far it has gone between them. To hold the wing nuts on squiring sticks, you need to remove the pin in one corner, and slide your thumb down on its shortest side with the wing nuts to secure them. It’s a big hazard trying to measure things.

Pinch Rods shop made
Pinch Rods shop made

Transfer Dimensions with Pinch Sticks

Rob Porcaro uses pinch rods to keep the cabinets ready for drawers. Very precise measurements have always been taken on fronts of cases in which drawers could be used to attach pinch pins. It provides slick drawer alignment and allows it to slide freely ensuring proper positioning and easy accessibility. It has a shorter length than the front so it has an interior width that can cover the drawer’s backs. It’s a good method to measure if a nightstand or chest requires drawers.

What are pinch sticks?

This is a pair of wood pieces on a rounded, pointed point that is bound in some way. With moving the pointed pieces further to be centered in the case your measurements become extremely accurate for carcasses as large and compact as possible. A refined version of those, sometimes super whimsical. Various woodworking manufacturers will give you free DIY kit. You’ll have to use scrap materials, time, and cheaper hardware to make this. Can you make an online plan here?

shop made Pinch Rods
shop made Pinch Rods

How to check square with Pinch Sticks?

The most important parts of all frames are closely related with their placement on perfect angles or dimensions. The right pinching tools give easy and reliable checking of squares – simple, fast and convenient. Place two points to oppose corners on either side (bottom – right). Turn it over and see which side is in that spot (bottom Left, bottom right). When pinch sticks are well secured on a corner there is some certainty that it is square with no gaps. If none there are fittings that are excessively tight, the case will be cracked in half, so you must tackle an important piece of work.

How To Adjust For Squares?

Tell me the most important part about making pinch sticks? Why is it that they can’t see the case? In this case, D and C diagonally have an overlap greater than A and C at a time. Take an enormous clamp and place it corner by corner on a diagonal which has an overlap that goes higher than other diagonals. Make adjustments and test again. Keep this process going until the diagonal are exactly the same.

How to make pinch sticks: the advanced version

It can easily be supplied through a bolt wringer washer or wingnut. This way they retain rigidity and orientation even over long distances. The Squaring Tool Box came with such an important part. What about some extra fun in a basic shape? I’m Craftswomen. Our Hobbies – Making stuff ourselves! What is great about designing and using hand tools is simple and straightforward.

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No 7 drill bits provide the necessary thickness for 1/2-20 taping. Hacking enables cutting mild steel to be rapidly produced using a new carbide blade. Your Bowssaw will work using Bugbear plan if you need an edged cutout blade. I doubt everyone had difficulty working with James Hayward in woodworking but didn’t understand his diagonal strips on page 40 of the book. Just thought we’d update it someday. Easily available threading on 1/2 inch diameter steel.


I wouldn’t have called them crazy, then I should inevitably apologize because that’s exactly how pinched two sticks have evolved. You have the choice: create some pinch and turn reversible pins to be used later in the project. You may regret doing it. If you liked the article, I think you could share the links on Twitter or email a friend. However, make it very good for our progress here in this project…. Codi. Craftswoman & Maker.

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