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Rocker jaw made in store

A simple table, cut in the shape of a swing, it can make a huge improvement to your grip. It allows you to firmly hold the tapered work and long, vertical axes on the side of the vise.

For a tapered piece, like the leg shown here, place the barbell in the center of the vise. The bar will automatically rotate to match the taper of the leg as you tighten the vise.

For a long board, move the barbell to the end of the vise. When tightening the vise, the anterior jaw twists slightly, an inevitable condition known as “labor”. The rocker compensates for racking and applies even pressure to the front face of the board. Without the barbell, you know what happens: when the vise snaps, it pinches only the left edge of the board and the board is free to rotate. Not well. The rocker solves this age-old problem perfectly.

To rock, you’ll need a board about 1-3 / 4 ″ thick, as wide as your vise is deep and a little longer than the jaws of your vise. I made the curved part 2-3 / 4 “in diameter, but there are no critical dimensions. Just draw the shape on the edge of the board and cut it out with a bandsaw.

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