Simple Christmas Mantel Decor + Letting Your Personality Shine

IIt is important to me that our home is comfortable and welcoming, and tells the story of the people and personalities who live there. One way I let my personality shine in our home is to bring a little unexpected to our seasonal decor in a subtle way. I have long been a fan of unusual decorative animals, so when I found this darling fox and rabbit, I couldn’t resist!

You might remember that I had rabbits and even a fox or two in the decor of a lot of our homes, so when I saw them they felt out of place here too! I love them for the holidays, but they will also be so lovely all year round. I imagine their bowls filled with something new every season: Easter eggs, spring flowers, candles, pine cones, greenery, seashells, Christmas bells, ornaments, the options are endless! They can also be moved from the fireplace to store in shelves and serve as bookends. I love the flexible decor!

This arrangement is what we now have on our fireplace since Thanksgiving weekend. We have some greenery, candles, a sprig of wood beads, a few pine cones, a bell, and some sparkle in the bunny and fox bowls. It’s pretty simple, but it keeps evolving. In the next few days, I might add a wreath on my mirror and a garland on the mantelpiece (and maybe put our beads in it), but even though what we have now is all I do, it’s is enough to make me feel festive and comfortable.

This is what I have always liked to slowly evolve our decor over the seasons. We can always add more if we feel inspired, but whatever we have done can be enough anytime. Of course, we can even take some if the holidays start to get too crowded or overwhelming! It is not necessarily all or nothing. If your home is to truly reflect your personality and be authentic to you, the feel of your home has to change with you (and the seasons!) So that you always feel peaceful, comfortable, and comfortable in your surroundings.

Simple Christmas Mantle Decor + Let Your Personality Shine
Simple Christmas Mantle Decor + Let Your Personality Shine

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Simple Christmas Mantle Decor + Let Your Personality Shine

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Simple Christmas Mantle Decor + Let Your Personality Shine

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