Simple Festivity: Whimsical Cedar Garland on the Staircase

Simple party: whimsical cedar garland on the stairs

We have officially closed the sale of our old home and moved here just over seven weeks ago. I’m so glad we are here and have settled in for a bit in time for Christmas! There’s still a lot of stuff we plan to do around the house, and definitely still some boxes to unwrap and things to organize, but we’ll talk about all of that again in the New Year! For now, my focus is on making the house cozy and festive for Christmas.

The holidays are going to be a little different from years past, with our recent move to this house and our son now living alone and our two daughters in different cities. Empty nesting life! We’re just looking at what everything will look like here, but the change is also fun in its own way.

Simple party: whimsical cedar garland on the stairs

We had fun decorating our porches, fireplace mantel, and stair railings with lights and greenery. Can’t wait to show you! Last week I posted our simple fireplace mantel as it looked at Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t long before I was inspired to add some greenery and lights. I am a fan of the simple party. I always want to see the magic and wonder of Christmas in our home, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much or too much. It can be difficult to find that balance at this time of year, especially in a smaller space.

I’ll be sharing our updated coat in a future post but today I wanted to show you our cozy little entrance!

Simple party: whimsical cedar garland on the stairs

We decided to use a faux cedar garland on our stair railing. I wanted it to last the entire season (and to be mess free!). I found this beautiful faux cedar wreath here earlier this fall. Unfortunately it’s been out of stock for a while, but if it ever comes back I’ll let you know as it would be a great buy early for next year! I love it because it’s so soft, light and easy to work with, plus it will be easy to store. (Here is a boxwood version of the garland that I have, and a jasmine version if you are interested in other varieties).

There are many ways to hang a garland, but I love the result. It’s perfect for our chalet atmosphere. I tied it with string and this lovely black and white ribbon and then added a little wire-shaped metal star garland to give it a little bit of magic. It’s so fun and whimsical, in a always simple way. I know I will have a lot of fun decorating this staircase for years to come, the possibilities are endless!

(My metal star garland is unfortunately out of stock, but here is a star garland with a similar look… this mini ornament garland is adorable too!).

We have cedars in our garden, so I cut some cool garlands to put in our door basket and a few other places around the house. And I also ordered a fresh cedar garland for our porch. It smells so good!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be sharing more of our Christmas house in future articles!

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Simple party: whimsical cedar garland on the stairs

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