Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

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OOne of the most enjoyable things for me in decorating is to focus on the season we live in! Why keep your spaces always the same when you can feel inspired by a few simple changes? We’re not going on a tropical vacation this summer, but the sun is out and we’re savoring every moment of it. Last week I brought some fun items to our room from Walmart Home to make it feel like a tropical retreat!

The things I chose for our space at Walmart Home are so cute and super flexible, so they will work in other areas of the house and other seasons as well. It’s really easy to change the mood of a room just by changing a few accessories, so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

Here are my six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom:

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

1. Decorate with whatever you like, but be ready to try something fresh and new! I had this floral white ceramic lamp with a teal shade. I have had simple white lamps in my bedroom for a long time, but I have to say that I LOVE this colorful and quirky lamp. I’m so glad I tried a new look! The style really spoke to me and gave my room a really fun personality!

After falling in love with the lamp and bringing it home, I saw a similar one in an upscale store. Don’t you like it when you get a deal on something you like and find a similar but more expensive one elsewhere? You need to know where to shop, stick with what you love while still being willing to try something new, and shop often enough to jump on great finds when you discover the gems.

2. There is no harm in decorating spaces so that they look pretty now, even if you think you are just going to change them later. I got this botanical wall art set because they are so much fun! This wall seemed uninteresting to me for a long time, but I continued to debate what to do about it. Now, it makes me so happy to see it so finished, fresh and cute! I thought these pieces would be perfect as an accent anywhere you want a little pop of color. I think sometimes we are afraid to get or hang art because it feels too permanent or makes a statement that maybe we aren’t sure we want to commit to! I learned a long time ago to HANG ART! You can always change it later, but you might also be wondering what took you so long to fall in love with your space.

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

3. Try to add a touch of moodiness to a space, even in summer. You don’t have to keep everything light and bright in the summer. A deeper tone in a shade you like can bring more contrast and dimension to the space. I got this peacock-colored faux suede pillow. I loved the color because it harmonizes so well with the lamp, but it also brings a contrasting tone and a slightly more moody vibe that will be very nice as fall approaches.

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

4. Look for versatile layers. I have this 3 piece white chenille bedding set and coverlet. I really wanted a simple, textured, lightweight white bedspread for our bed that would be easy to layer with other bedding all year round, or that could be folded up and put away in the winter. When I saw this duvet cover, I knew it was going to be perfect! You can use it as a bedspread, but it also has a button closure with ties so I can put my faux down insert to make it super comfy and FLUFFY whenever I want, or when approaching. autumn ! I’ll show you what it looks like next week. It will be really fun and comfortable to use all year round. He came with the shams, too.

5. Don’t forget the texture! I loved this little round wicker tray for the texture, but also the versatility. Texture is an often overlooked element that really transforms the feeling of a room. I love putting a little tray like this on a bed for guests, but it could also work on the wall as a pretty decor or as a basket to store anything on a counter or dresser.

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

6. Look for pillow cases with zippers. I was delighted with the pillow cases I received in this blue and white patterned pillow set. They go so well with my style and can work in any room in our home. Plus, they have zippers, which I like for two reasons. One is that you can fill it with the softest pillow inserts to make it super plump! Plump is good when it comes to pillows :). The other reason I love pillow cases is that when the season is over or you just want to change your look, you can easily change the insert and put the cover away until the next time you want. use it.

I loved the look of these pillows in our living room (below).

Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

Walmart Home has so many fun home accessories!

By the way, there is also a new Wow and Now category at Walmart with trendy and fun home items at really affordable prices. You can see it here!

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Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom
Six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom


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