Six Months in the “New Beach House”

six months in the "New beach house"
Our new home

Story time! If you’re new here or just caught up, six months ago we bought our beach house, and it’s now a place we call home every day! It means so much to us. Years ago, my parents had a house on the beach, which was our family vacation destination. It was located on the beautiful Oregon coast overlooking the ocean. My parents renovated it from top to bottom to be charming, comfortable and welcoming.

As a family with young children, we didn’t have the funds to vacation very often, so it was so wonderful to have somewhere to go! And not only a ‘free’ place to stay with our kids, but it was a fun destination to make memories.

six months in the "New beach house"
Take a tour of our old family beach house (above) HERE

It was very close to the famous Cannon Beach, so we spent a lot of time hanging out there, exploring the beach, the shops and restaurants, and the other nearby towns. So many memories of our kids at the 4th of July parades and fireworks too. We loved getting together with my sister’s family, extended family and friends. We were there for many summer vacations, vacations, birthday parties. Our eldest daughter Kylee even had her wedding reception at home after getting married in the little white church in Cannon Beach!

We loved the tradition and experience of staying at the beach house as often as possible during those years. It was like a second home. But one thing I learned when it comes to life’s adventures, the seasons change. Finally, the time has come to sell that home away from home.

We really missed the beach house, but when our family moved (again) to our house in Seattle, our house became the new family gathering place. I’ve always believed in making my home a destination we love and creating a home we don’t need to escape from! It doesn’t have to be a perfect home or situation to be this place. We just have to enjoy every season and do what works for your family! Isn’t that what the house is for?

While our family didn’t have a vacation home as a place to ‘get away’, there were so many fun places to explore nearby. Our house was often our family “vacation” destination. We’ve always vacationed when we could, but Seattle is a fun destination for others to travel to, so we’ve really enjoyed it in the six years we’ve been there. We have often invited the family to come and stay with us. We have organized stays, vacations and celebrations in this house. It was almost like the good old days of gathering at the beach house!

six months in the "New beach house"
Our Seattle home

When my husband and I started thinking about this next season of life that we were about to embark on as empty nests, we of course felt a bit sad about the change. We were nearing the end of the “child-rearing” years. With three children who are not all very close in age, it was a LONG season! 🙂

Also, things were finally calming down a bit after a very busy decade in our lives. We looked forward to the idea of ​​breathing deeply and enjoying the home we created. Moving can be so exhausting and starting over is hard. Endings and changes aren’t always easy, but we were willing to let our kids fly. And ready or not, we would soon be off to new adventures too!

Although we didn’t necessarily plan to move, we started to think about how change can be a difficult but also rewarding part of life. So many changes and movements in our life, but each has taught us a lot. Although we didn’t consider our Seattle home to be our dream home when we moved there, we had put our hearts into it over those six years. Like the beach house we once had, our Seattle home has become a home and a destination we have truly enjoyed. But, again, the seasons were changing.

We accepted that while it was truly a gift to us during the years we lived there, it didn’t have to be our forever home to have a lasting impact on our lives. (I’ve always dreamed of having a forever home, so far none have turned out to be our forever home!).

When our son moved out and our two daughters moved out, we explained that while we didn’t want to be away from our son who was still in college nearby, we really didn’t need to live in the city. Continued. And although we loved our yard, we no longer needed or wanted to care for that size of property. These are a few things that have helped us prepare our minds to move forward.

We started dreaming about what we wanted our next chapter of life to be, if that didn’t involve staying in our house. It was difficult to make the decision to let go of the house we had built during those six years (you can see many of our before and after transformations HERE), but even more difficult to imagine that we could find another one, especially considering the utter craziness of the housing market in our area.

We knew we could probably find a buyer for our house, but the problem was the lack of other houses we would want to move to (we are picky and dislike virtually any of the houses that would be in our desire price range, and also there was just a lack of houses for sale at all!). We really thought there would be limited, if any, opportunities for us to secure the type we wanted to move to without selling ours first, especially since we didn’t want to move too far away (like in a more affordable condition ha!). It all seemed unlikely. Or even impossible.

But leaving us still dream it was worth it. Dreaming is good for the soul when you dream with faith and open hands.

six months in the "New beach house"

Those dreams led to a few miracles that led us all here – to this cute little beach house on a beautiful island just an hour and a half from our old home (and actually closer to our daughter Courtney and the beloved town that she moved to a year ago).

This house was all my cozy cottage by the sea loving heart could have dreamed of in this season of our life, and in reality it offers us even more than we ever imagined to find. The past few years have been difficult, so we are so grateful to have found our little home and all the miracles that have taken place to make it ours.

If you missed it or forgot the story, you can read more about the story and how we found our new home HERE (part 1 of 3 blog posts).

six months in the "New beach house"

It’s been about six months now since we bought this house and we already love living here! We pinch ourselves daily. Do we really live here? It is in a beautiful, magical and peaceful location.

The house is so comfortable, it already feels like home. It’s just the right compact space for what we need and it makes us feel good in everyday life. Also, my parents have moved in and are planning to add a little cottage style suite for themselves at the back of the house! We have the impression of having found the beach house, a new one for this new season of life.

This house will also be a fun place to be as creative as we want for years to come! We’re dreaming up plans to add even more character to a beach house, to relocate our kitchen and remodel (see our plans here), to create dual-use guest spaces and of course, I’m looking forward to creating gardens of cottage, etc

six months in the "New beach house"

We are so happy to have found a home that we already love. It’s not a fixer upper that would take all of our energy or resources on boring projects like sewers (been there, fixer uppers are fun but also, not the season of life we ​​want to be in right now) , which means we can take our time and yet we really like to make it our own in whatever way we want.

six months in the "New beach house"
Our New Home – Carpet Source can be found HERE

Our “new beach house” is a long-awaited but totally unexpected dream come true. Living here feels like we are in the best place for us in this season of life. Although it’s not too far from Seattle (you don’t even have to take a ferry to get there), we feel like it’s an escape to be on an island. It’s like being on vacation every day.

six months in the "New beach house"

We enjoy the neighborhood and local parks and marinas, pick up seashells on the beach, and watch eagles soar above the water. We can walk to the beach in minutes and hop on ferries to explore other islands. We can go whale watching, kayaking and in the spring and summer we can visit all the wonderful flower farms nearby. And if we want to stay home, we can sit on the porch, play games, watch movies, cook delicious food, and just hang out together.

six months in the "New beach house"

Moreover, it is a wonderful destination to welcome our children when they can come to visit us! In fact, we finally had our first official reunion of the whole family here over Spring Break (we had to postpone it to Christmas due to Covid and a massive snowstorm!). My sister and her daughter visited us and our children too. They had quite a few fun adventures exploring the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Although life isn’t perfect, there are so many reasons to be grateful. There will be endless memories made here, just like in the years of our other beach house. Except we have the added joy of living here every day :).

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You can read more about the story and how we found our new home HERE (part 1 of 3 blog posts).

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