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Modern hand planes continue to be popular and this low angle block planer excels at cutting tenons, grooves and grain.

Tool: Skew Block Planer Buy now

Producer: Veritas

MSRP: $ 229

When you pick up the Veritas Skew Block Plane, you will notice that the blade is angled 15 °, side to side. When using a normal plane, you’ve probably noticed that keeping it at an angle to work makes the plane easier to push. Tilting the blade, as this block plane does, produces the same effect.

How does it work? Consider this: It’s easier to ride a bike up a hill if you go on a slope, right? The smaller the angle of attack, the less effort is required. The same goes for planing wood: the smaller the angle of attack of the blade, the easier it is to push the plane. Tilting the blade, or plane, essentially lowers the blade’s angle of attack, much like tilting the bike towards that hillside.

While this plane can perform all the functions of a standard plane, such as cutting doors, it will be really useful for cutting tenons, when you only need to remove a shave or two to fit the joint. A standard plane will not work, because it cannot cut all the way to the shoulder of the tenon. This block plane want it works, because it has an open side, like a flying plane. It will take a shave up to 1-1 / 2 “wide, so you can shave the full width of most tenons in one pass, unlike a standard batting plane.

Other features of the aircraft include an adjustable mouth, removable fence, retractable scoring spur, lateral adjustment, and a choice of A2 or O1 blades. It is available in left or right versions.

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