Small Bandsaw Upgrades Make a Big Difference – Part Two

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After milling the parts for the shelf frame, crossing them and cutting the corner pieces, (read the first part of this story here) I connected them to the legs with screws. I found that the shelf geometry was closer to a trapezoid than a square or rectangle. Also, even if I could have cut a piece of plywood to cover the entire surface, it would have been a hassle to insert it without disassembling at least two of the legs. My solution was to divide the shelf area into three sub-units. This way each of the units could be made separately and installed easily. To prevent the central unit from sagging, I glued two long strips of wood to the left and right sub-units to serve as sturdy supports. All three pieces fit inside the rebate area of ​​the frame and can be removed if necessary.

My next improvement on the saw holder was to make a top shelf to primarily accommodate the miter gauge. This shelf was also supposed to house any future improvements needed such as a pen holder, an on-off master switch (for the saw and dust collector), etc.

Most of these ready-to-assemble steel bases have many holes all around which can provide us with ample opportunities for hanging and fixing. If your base has no holes, use a twist drill and drill through the steel. This is very easy as steel is not that thick. Just remember to put a drop of oil on the designated hole area to make the process effortless.

To perfectly fit the top shelf to the foot of the saw I used a level gauge. After transferring the arch shapes, I cut them out and then made a hole for the miter bar by drilling and chiseling a through mortise. After painting the shelf I installed it with bolts and nuts.

My latest improvement was to make a wooden hook to hang the three-way extension under the shelf. This extension cord allows me to efficiently connect the saw, dust collector and future spot lamp to a power source via a cable.

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