Small Entryway Solutions – The Inspired Room

Small Entryway Solutions - The Inspired Room

Small entry solutions

HHello, Kylee here! After sharing my entryway post (on how to decorate when your front door opens into your living room), many of you contacted me telling me that you also have a space for very small entrance! So I dug a bit to see what kinds of solutions I could come up with when you don’t have a lot of furniture space. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites that are multifunctional or well suited for a small space. Enjoy!

Sources for the above graph:

1. Entrance cabinet (many color options)

2. Valet hook

3. Entrance wall mirror with hooks

4. Coat rack with shelf and hooks

5. Storage bench

6. Set of iron entry shelves with baskets and hooks

7. Wooden bench

8. Storage mirror in the hall

9. Swivel hanging bracket (two color options)

10. Entrance shelf with hooks

11. Wooden tree with hooks

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