S’mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

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S'mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

Last week we had a week of “staycation” with our family (celebrating Father’s Day and my son’s birthday!). One night we used our fire pit for a fun and simple event in our own backyard. I love simple gatherings that are fun, meaningful and memorable, in fact, I wrote a book called Simple Gatherings for this reason!

For our s’mores night, we ordered these s’more roasting sticks. They were a big hit, so we’ll definitely be using them from now on. Not only are they able to expand so they don’t burn your hand, they can also be pushed back into shorter sticks, making them easier to store.

I also just ordered this grill basket for future events. It gives you even more flexibility on what you can put on the flame as it will hold the items in the basket. Now I imagine all kinds of fun events around the fireplace!

Here are some simple tips to prepare for a fun s’mores night:

  • Order or purchase supplies (including your recipe ingredients, roasting sticks, grilling baskets, and towels).
  • Traditional s’mores are tasty on their own (Graham crackers, marshmallows and dark chocolate), but you can definitely get more creative and make it an even more interesting and interactive experience! Offer other combinations and options like berries, bananas, jams, nut butters, caramel, various candies, waffles, cookies, or even savory options like cheese, meat, chutneys , crackers, bread, etc.).
  • If you have vegans in your family, you might want to order THESE vegan marshmallows.
  • Prepare a tray for s’more options, with items unwrapped and placed in small bowls for easy access.
  • Have a surface for people to assemble their s’mores and plates.
  • Have chairs and benches for people to sit on.
  • Create a party vibe with a bluetooth speaker outside for music (I have this one which is nice as it splits in half for surround sound).
  • Add outdoor string lights around the seating area for a magical look!
S'mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

Sources (scroll and click on the links and photos below for details):

S'mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

Paper plates with blue flowers

Blue Adirondack chair (several color options)

Whitewashed Round Serving Tray

S’More Roasting Sticks – expandable with different colors on each


White Waterproof Outdoor Fairy Lights

Matt white outdoor side table

Blue and white gingham paper napkins (color and pattern options)

S'mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

Want more inspiration?

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