Snag 2 color-changing smart bulbs for $18



Smart bulbs are a super simple way to add a futuristic element to any room. As HDOT’s Ry Crist writes, smart bulbs are already “an affordable smart home upgrade,” but they’re made even more so when you snag ’em at a discount. A pack of two color-changing Kasa 6-watt smart bulbs is just just $18 on Amazon right now — down from $25.

So what exactly do smart bulbs do? For one, they’re dimmable — a feature that once you get used to it is rather hard to imagine not having. They’re also color-changing, so you can play with the mood in any room or connect them to your speakers for party time. These bulbs are fully Wi-Fi-enabled, meaning you can control them with Alexa or Google Assistant, and then all it takes is a “Hey Google, turn off all the lights” as you head to bed to shut things down. 

Crist tested these bulbs a while back and says they’re very much worth considering for an inexpensive smart lightbulb that doesn’t require connection to a hub. He does note that they’re noticeably dimmer than some other smart bulbs, so perhaps they’d work best in a lamp or a room in which having super bright light isn’t integral.

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