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Snake Surprise

While I was visiting my brother in Florida showed me his latest toy, a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill. A huge hickory log was mounted on the cutting platform. The sawdust snorted as the blade effortlessly cut a 3 “thick section from the top of the log.” That was the ‘clean cut’, “he said.” The next cut will be the first woodcutter. “He pushed the blade again. in the trunk and in just five minutes we were stacking a beautiful 10 ‘long board.

My brother was pulling back the saw to make another pass through the log when, inches from his hand, a small snake with red, yellow and black stripes emerged from an old woodpecker hole. “Oh my God! That’s a coral snake!” I thought, remembering the old warning rhyme “red on yellow, kill a guy”.

Luckily my brother wasn’t upset. “Give me that shovel,” he said. “I forgot: I usually probe holes like this with a thread before cutting.” I expected him to strike the snake, as we would have done as children, but instead he skillfully picked it up and threw it back into the woods. “Coral snakes eat mice and other parasites,” he explained calmly, even though I was taking deep cleansing breaths and trying to swallow. –D. Thompson

Miscue Miter

I decided to use MDF build an air purifier for my shop. That the MDF has a nice, sharp edge was an important consideration, as I was planning on cutting all the joints. I started by cutting the 45˚ corners on the piece for the right side of the box. Unfortunately, the piece slipped as I picked it up and its sharp, square edge cut into my right palm. I cleaned and bandaged the cut and decided to stop for the day. The next day I went back to the shop and cut the piece for the left side. You guessed. This piece has also slipped and now I have the same scars, one on the palm of each hand. –Bill Halsey

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