Sony Ericsson MPS-70 portable speakers review: Sony Ericsson MPS-70 portable speakers

Sony Ericsson has done an admirable job with its Walkman line of cell phones, so it’s no surprise that the company is also successful with Walkman phone accessories. Sony Ericsson MPS-70 portable speakers are the ideal solution for moving Walkman tracks from a private to a public environment. As an upgrade to Sony Ericsson’s MPS-60 system, the MPS-70 speakers have an almost identical design, except for the larger size and color change from gray to black. Fortunately, the sound quality has been slightly improved, although the available features remain markedly limited. The MPS-70 speakers are a great buy at $ 49.95, but keep in mind that they will only work with a select number of Sony Ericsson phones.

The MPS-70 portable speakers could hardly have a simpler design. Each speaker measures 2.1 inches high by 1.6 inches wide by 1.2 inches thick; together they weigh 4.4 ounces. While they are a bit larger than the MPS-60s, they remain extremely portable and lightweight. You would have no problem putting them in a bag for a day or weekend trip. The black coloring of the MPS-70 is an improvement over the minimalist gray of the MPS-60, while again an orange ring pays homage to the unofficial color of the Walkman phone.

The cable that connects each MPS-70 speaker to the phone jack is also black, and you are given enough length (3 feet to be exact) to place the speakers away from each other. Plus, the cable connecting the left speaker to the jack measures a generous 1.4 feet. We liked having so much freedom to place the speakers as needed. The cables also work as an antenna for an FM radio.

It’s worth noting, however, that the plug is only compatible with Walkman-branded phones, so if you have another Sony Ericsson music phone, you’re out of luck. Also, as the plug connects to the phone charger port, you can’t listen to music and charge the phone at the same time.

Speaker setup is exceptionally simple; just plug them into your phone and you are good to go. Your phone is the power source, but the speakers don’t drain the battery significantly. When paired with our Sony Ericsson W580i, the speakers delivered surprisingly good sound quality, just like the phone itself. The volume was much higher than on the MPS-60 speakers which is a welcome change. While they offer a satisfying experience, keep in mind that the MPS-70 speakers are not designed to replace your home stereo and are also short on audio editing features. A speaker-mounted volume button would be nice, but we won’t complain too much. Simplicity is really the focus of the MPS-70 speaker set.

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