We purchased Spontuneous so our reviewer could test it with her family. Keep reading for our full product review.

Spontuneous is an adult board game that’s best played with larger groups of four to ten people. During a family game night, we gave Spontuneous a try to see if it was something all of us could enjoy. We assessed aspects such as design and entertainment value. We also gauged how well Spontuneous stacks up to its competitors. Read on to see if this board game is a must-have at your next party.

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Design: Fairly easy to play and extremely fast-paced

The rules of the game are relatively straightforward. Each player thinks of a word from a song and writes it down. This is known as a trigger word. Once all of the players have come up with at least three to five trigger words, the first player, referred to as the Tunesmith, flips the timer and announces a trigger word from their list. Each player scrambles to sing a five-word portion of any song that contains the trigger word. The first person to begin singing—before any of the other players and before the timer runs out—rolls the dice and advances on the board. Since the timer is only 15 seconds, the game is extremely fast-paced and highly competitive.

We played for over an hour before someone won the first game.

A strategic player will try to baffle others. My teenage nephew picked obscure trigger words—Pteranodon is a perfect example—to stump the rest of us. Since some of his words were lyrics to children’s songs that we didn’t know, he often had an advantage.

Spontuneous comes with two sets of instructions—the basic rules which allow for a quicker game, and a more thorough version that gives the players the option to extend the game after the first person wins. According to the box, the estimated timeframe for one game is 30 minutes, but sticking to the most basic version of the rules, we played for over an hour before someone won the first game. If we took on the additional challenges after our first player won, the game would have taken even longer to finish.

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Entertainment Value: Laughs guaranteed

We certainly laughed a lot throughout the game. People were constantly blurting out the wrong lyrics, and that made it all the more funny. The battle-offs are really fun, adding some extra competition to the mix. If two or more players begin singing at the same time, they must engage in a battle-off to break the tie. A new trigger word is announced and only those involved in the tie can play in that round.

The battle-offs are really fun, adding some extra competition to the mix.

If a player lands on a spot marked Spontuneous Clef, that also introduces new game play. They must draw a card and attempt the challenge on it. My sister-in-law had to get up and sing a five-word portion of her favorite song, complete with choreography. The only downside of Spontuneous Clef is there aren’t that many cards, so the unique challenges may get old rather quickly, depending on how often you play the game.

All of us were pretty tired after an hour of Spontuneous. That said, we had played other games beforehand, so if we’d dedicated the night just to Spontuneous, we may have gone on longer. The game was fun and fairly easy to play, and it certainly induced a lot of laughter, but we didn’t feel the urge to play it a second time. Spontuneous is definitely more of a party game. Since we were having a mellow family game night on a Tuesday, no one seemed too keen on showing off their yodeling skills. But we could see how entertaining Spontuneous would be at a lively party—especially an adult party where alcohol was involved.

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Age Range: Eight and up

Spontuneous is recommended for ages eight and up. Since players can pick trigger words from any song they choose, it’s ideal for all ages and musical tastes. However, the age gap between my 16-year-old nephew and the other adults, ranging in age from 39 to 51, was a bit of a hindrance. He often sang lyrics to contemporary pop and rap songs that the rest of us didn’t recognize, making the game feel stagnant at times. On the flip side, he wasn’t familiar with some of the older songs we all belted out in unison. Depending on the era of the songs chosen, it’s possible that certain players might feel left out. 

A strategic player will try to baffle others. My teenage nephew picked obscure trigger words—Pteranodon is a perfect example—to stump the rest of us.

A few of the challenges could also be difficult for elderly players or those with mobility issues. Grandpa might not be able to stand up and perform an impromptu version of the “chicken dance,” for example.

Price: Well worth its price tag 

Retailing around $30, Spontuneous is slightly more expensive than some other adult board games, but it packs a lot of punch. This wildly fun game is sure to liven up any party and provide hours of entertainment.  

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Competition: There are more appealing options for wallflowers

Spontuneous certainly isn’t for the shy types out there. If you’re looking for a game that’s a little more subdued, Smart Ass is another interactive board game that centers on trivia. This game is more straightforward and slightly easier to play. Participants simply read clues and answer questions—no singing, dancing, or yodeling required.

Final Verdict

A riotous party game that’s worth buying

Spontuneous is a highly entertaining board game that’s sure to induce lots of laughs. If you’re looking to spice up a party, this is a perfect option and well worth the price.

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