Spring Decor That Tells A Story

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Spring decor that tells a story

Do you love decorating with family heirlooms or memorable pieces as part of your seasonal decor? Allow me to share some of my thoughts on specific seasonal decorating.

I mentioned in an article the other day that my mom always takes her adorable ceramic bunnies out every spring. They were often used as decoration at our Easter table! My husband knew how much I loved the rabbit tradition and bought me a few years ago so we could carry on the tradition with our family. I love them so much! They have come with us to every house we have moved to since, I would never let them go!

There is something so special about the decor that tells our story and provides a sense of tradition and meaning for your family. I’m all for using organic seasonal decor and having generic pieces that can be used all year round, of course, which makes it easier! But if everything is natural or generic, it may look good but nothing will seem particularly special to you.

Spring decor that tells a story

Of course, gathering too many “special for you” items creates a real storage problem! I’ve been there recently with our latest moves. Each time we move, I’ve given up more, but it can be an ongoing process of deciding what to keep and what to let go.

If you find it difficult to drop the things you love or have limited space to organize things, keep things simple and choose a seasonally-specific decor item for spring. Ideally, choose something that already has (or represents) a history or history with your family, or could become a memorable piece that you want to use in the future to inspire your children or grandchildren with a sense of tradition. . Choosing an item that can be placed on a mantle or table each spring makes it easier to use!

Let the other “pretty things” go to a new family to enjoy.

Spring decor that tells a story

Are you looking for a rabbit for your home? Scroll through the arrows and click on the images below for more details on each!

Spring decor that tells a story

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Spring decor that tells a story

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