Styling Glass Kitchen Cabinets (Kylee’s House Update)

HSalvation ! Kylee here! We are a week in the new house and are starting to feel more and more settled every day! The first thing on the priority list for me was getting the kitchen in order. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and prepare the majority of our meals at home. While all of Portland’s amazing dining options have tempted me, getting daily takeout is expensive (I’d rather save money on decor, ha!).

Stylish Glass Kitchen Cabinets (Update from Kylee's House)
Cabinet color navy – Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

One thing that kept me awake the night before I moved in was HOW was I going to style all those glass front cabinets? Do I have enough cosmetic items for this to work? I love the open shelves and the display of everyday items, don’t get me wrong, but the sheer number seemed so intimidating. I even considered the possibility of swapping the doors.

As soon as we moved in, the kitchen cabinets were one of my first assignments. I went to work right away and told myself that I had no right to be obsessed with this (something that I could easily fall into). Just take something pretty and put it in it. I can worry about tweaking each thing later, which I definitely will. 😉

One thing that served me well was having white dishes! Not that I’m averse to color, but having a neutral base makes everything look cohesive, no matter what colors, styles, or kitchen trends! When I got married and was doing my registry, I was tempted by all the trends of the moment. If I remember correctly, teal, mustard and red dishes were very popular. My mom pointed me to all white, reminding me that they would stand the test of time. She was right and I’m so glad the majority of my dishes are neutral and classic. (My plates are white square similar to these).

I think they turned out to be pretty good not to think about it too much! It already looks inhabited and warm, as if I have been here for years. I already see some things that I might want to move around to create a balance or be more intentional in the style, but it’s okay and it’s part of the process. Like my mom, I like to putter. I’m not the type to decorate and leave that forever, part of my joy comes from changing spaces over time. I think these could be fun to style seasonally too!

To my surprise, I had enough stuff to fill all the cupboards! I mean, not completely full, I definitely spaced things out. As my collections grow there is still plenty of room to combine and stack things higher, but for now there are no empty shelves so this is a win!

Fortunately, over the years I have collected things that were white, blue, glass, brass, or green and it makes it feel cohesive. I put the things I use less often in height (I cannot reach them without a stepladder!). Of course, I have a lot of things that would have worked here. Fortunately, there are a lot of drawers and cabinets underneath that can hold things that don’t quite fit 🙂

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Get the look of Kylee’s kitchen

Stylish Glass Kitchen Cabinets (Update from Kylee's House)

Sources for the above graph:

  1. Brass faucet

2. Wooden cutting board

3. Brass and glass ceiling light (similar style to Kylee’s)

4. Front farmhouse apron sink

5. Maple syrup

6. Blue and white flower pot

7. Chemex coffee maker

8. Brass handles (similar to Kylee’s)

9. White Nespresso machine

10. Milk frother / steamer

11. Olive wood cooking spoons

12. Blue and white patterned mugs (similar to Kylee’s)

13. Glass jar with lid

14. White coffee grinder

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