Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease Agreement Template
Sublease Agreement Template


If you make the decision to decorate your flat, you will find always a couple of things which you ought to focus on. Along with telling your landlord and the renter’s insurer of your death, you also need to set a sublease contract.

What’s really a sublease agency?

Even a sublease contract is a legally binding contract between a subtenant, a subtenant and also an owner which permits a new tenant to take on the rental from the unique renter onto a home or apartment. It’s important to get a sublease agreement therefore the subletor isn’t legally accountable for several details of the first lease arrangement, such as leasing payments and utilities.

As it really is those who sublet the room, your flat or your residence, you might require to function as a person who brings up the contract, unless otherwise suggested by your own owner. Start with all the templates fill in as much advice as possible. Then ship it to a landlord to fill out the blanks. When you have finished your match, it’s time to allow your own subtenant to examine and complete your own matches. Everybody else should complete and sign it. Make a duplicate of the completed sublease agreement your self and return the original for an own landlord.

Use the template below to finish your own sublease contract.

Model sublease agreement


Subject: Sublease agreement

expensive [Sublesse’s Name]:

This is a rental property sublease agreement (hereinafter called the “Sublease”) between ______________________________________ (hereinafter called the “Sub-lessor”) and ______________________________________ (hereinafter called the “Sub-tenant”). The Sub-Renter agrees to sublet and the Sub-tenant agrees to take possession of the property located at ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Premises”) under the following terms and conditions:

Term. The rental of this Sublease will begin with the taking over of the Sub-tenant on ____ day of _______________________, 20____ and ending on ____ day of _______________________, 20____. In no case may the Sub-tenant keep his rights. In no case may a person other than the sub-tenant live on the premises.

II. Rental. Rent under this sublease will be $ ____________________ payable on ______________ of each ☐ week ☐ month. The rent will be paid as follows: ____________________________________________________

III. Utilities. The sublease agrees to pay for the following utilities: ______________________________________________________________________

All other public services will be at the expense and expense of the sub-tenant.

IV. Responsibility. The sub-tenant agrees to assign and deliver the premises, including all furniture and decorations inside the premises, in the same condition as at the start of the term, with reasonable wear and tear accepted. The Sub-tenant will be liable to the Sub-lessor for any damage occurring to the premises, their content, living spaces, including common areas. All actions by Sublessee guests are the responsibility and responsibility of Sublessee.

V. Guests. There must be no other person living on the premises other than the sub-tenant. Sublessee guests are allowed for periods not exceeding forty-eight hours, unless otherwise agreed by the sublease.

VI. Security deposit. The sub-lessor must require a security deposit in the amount of $ ____________________ to be paid at the start of the period. Any damage or repair required at the end of the term due to the sub-tenant will be credited to the security deposit. Any reason for keeping part of the security deposit must be explained in writing when the funds are returned to the sub-tenant. The funds must be sent to the sub-tenant within ____ days of the end of the sub-lease, the sub-tenant leaving the premises with their property.

VII. Input / output checklist. Upon taking possession of the premises by the Sub-lessor, must complete a check-in check-in. When moving, the sub-tenant must complete a moving checklist and submit to the sub-tenant.

BedroomDetails of the accommodation conditionsDetails of the exit condition
Living room
Dining room
Room 1
Bedroom 2
Bathroom 1
Bathroom 2
Other, give details)

VIII. Lead-based paint. The locals, the residents:

☐ was built before 1978 and the lead paint disclosure form must be attached to this sublease.

☐ was not built before 1978.

IX. Main lease. This sublease must follow and is subject to the original rental contract between the sublet and the owner, a copy of which has been attached, and is hereby referenced and incorporated as if described here in detail. The Sub-tenant agrees to assume all of the Sub-lessor’s obligations and responsibilities under the original lease for the duration of the Sub-lease.

X. Written agreement. This sublease constitutes the only agreement between the sub-lessor and the sub-lessee without additions, deletions or modifications which can be made without the written consent of both parties (ANY ORAL REPRESENTATION MADE AT THE TIME OF THE EXECUTION OF THIS LEASE N ‘IS NOT LEGALLY VALID AND, THEREFORE, ARE NOT RELATED TO EITHER PARTY).

XI. Language. The words “sublease” and “sublet” as used herein include the plural as well as the singular.

XII. Smoking policy. Smoking in the premises

☐ is not allowed in the premises or in common areas.

☐ is authorized in the following fields: ________________________________________________________________.

XII. Original copies. Each signatory of this sublease acknowledges receipt of their signed copy.

XIII. Owner’s consent. The original lease between the owner and the sub-lessor:

☐ authorizes subletting.

☐ does not allow subletting but the owner has given his agreement to the sub-tenant to take possession of the premises.

☐ does not allow subletting and the owner’s consent will be requested immediately after the authorization of this subletting. If the sub-tenant is refused by the owner, this sub-lease will be canceled with the security deposit returned to the sub-tenant without any other responsibility from either party.

XV. Applicable law. This sublease is linked to the laws of the State of __________________.

XVI. Additional terms or conditions. _____________________________________


XVII. Date and signature. The parties hereby agree to this agreement with their authorization below affixed on the ____ day of _______________________, 20____.

Signature of sub-lessor _______________________ Date __________________

Impression _______________________

Signature of the co-lessor _______________________ Date __________________

Impression _______________________

Signature of sub-tenant _______________________ Date __________________

Impression _______________________

Signature of the co-tenant _______________________ Date __________________

Impression _______________________

Owner’s consent

I hereby give my consent to the sublease of the premises described above as indicated in this sublease contract.

Signature of the co-tenant _______________________ Date __________________

Impression _______________________

ORIGINAL JOINED LEASE (ALL INITIALS) _______ _______ _______ _______

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