Summer Bouquet in a Lantern

Summer bouquet in a lantern

Have a good July, friends! Thank you very much for all your kind words in my article on our new door color. We love it, it makes us happy every day! With all the flowers blooming in our garden this time of year, I enjoy the weekly ritual of keeping the lantern filled with a fresh bouquet. It’s such a fun way to decorate for the season. If you don’t have a wall lantern or room for one, any lantern will do. Place it on the porch or on a table somewhere inside the door to welcome guests!

Summer bouquet in a lantern

As with most simple pleasures, I have found that this therapeutic activity really only takes a few moments of the day. Yet it brings so much joy! It might have seemed to me at first that I wouldn’t have time to keep changing it regularly (as I’ve often failed with things like changing my Christmas chalkboard scene in a timely manner, so we end up look at the same holiday quote throughout the spring, for example! Ha!).

Summer bouquet in a lantern

Fortunately, I discovered with the lantern that it’s more about getting used to and being prepared than about the hour. Now that I’m heading to my garden to check out all my plants and flowers in the morning, I just know how to cut a few new flowers every few days to put them in the lantern. Then all I have to do is cool the water and put the flowers in it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, fresh flowers are always pretty, you don’t have to be an expert floral designer to do it or have any special skills.

If you don’t have access to enough fresh flowers in your garden, or don’t want to change them as often, I suggest purchasing a few fake flowers, stems, or accessories for each season. Then, if you don’t have time to change them often, you won’t have to worry about the plants wilting and you can enjoy a display for months! I plan to do the same for the split times so that there is never a lull in my decor at the door.

Summer bouquet in a lantern

Now that I change the lantern flowers more regularly, I realize that it would also be easier to change the vases, containers and accessories on a whim, if I gathered some creative options in advance. Being prepared would make creativity even more fun! I have had my lantern for a while now and I like to change my look every season with everything I have on hand, but so far I haven’t planned or collected any items at all. ‘advance specifically for this purpose.

It’s always fun for me to decorate on a whim with whatever I have on hand. I like to be carefree when it comes to decorating, but I know that some creative people probably plan all of their exhibits and seasonal decorating well in advance of needing them. They probably have the perfect seasonal items ready to go for months on end, or at least they can work specifically on a certain display until they just get it.

Summer bouquet in a lantern

I am generally far too spontaneous to organize this with the decoration. I like a more casual look anyway. Its good. Let your personality shine, whether you are more laid back or like to make a splash with your seasonal decor, what matters when it comes to style is that you are comfortable with it. Be yourself! It’s your style. Don’t be intimidated by those who set the bar so high! Set the bar where it makes you happy.

Summer bouquet in a lantern

Although I find being spontaneous and feeling good about imperfection is so liberating for me, now that I know I love decorating this lantern so much, I think it would be fun to look for things that I want to use to decorate it and have them handy, ready and organized. Maybe that’s setting the bar too high, hahah, but then again, I could more easily “decorate on a whim using what I have”. 🙂

Summer bouquet in a lantern

I can search the garage and cupboards to see what I can find, maybe I can find other vases and containers. Lately I’ve been thinking how much fun it would be to go to a flea market (or anywhere) to shop for cute, seasonal accessories that are just the right size and shape! I haven’t been to a flea market for a long time. Have you got? I did quite a bit of secondhand art purchases during my forties, I have to show you more of the great art that I got! Art shopping inspired me during this long season at home.

Have a good weekend, friend!

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