Sunday deals: $8.49 Bluetooth speaker, $14 foaming soap dispenser, $325 iPhone XR, more

Welcome to the weekend. After a flurry of sales last week, we might be in a bit of a lull before early Black Friday deals start to kick in next week. Even so, it’s far from a deal desert. There are still a few Amazon devices on sale at Best Buy, leftovers from last week’s 60-hour sale event. And here are some more great deals to carry you through the weekend. 


Amazon seller: VicTsing Direct

Price: $8.49 with promo code VTBH338AB (red model) or VTBH338AC (black model)

The R4 has been around awhile; it always sells out quickly when there’s a deal like this, and people always seem pretty happy with it. I can see why: It’s a splash-proof, Bluetooth 5.0 speaker that promises up to 24 hours of uninterrupted play time. 

And, remember, not every situation demands premium audio. If you just want to, say, listen to a podcast while gardening or have a bit of music in the background while you work, this is eight measly dollars and change well-spent.

Angela Lang/HDOT

I consider the two-year-old iPhone XR the single best iPhone deal in history right now, and that’s based on the newly lowered $499 price tag. Of course, if you can get it for even less, even better!

The Total Wireless deal works like this: When you land on the product page, you should see a pop-up offering 25% off in exchange for your email address. (No pop-up? Click the “Get 25% off” button in the lower-left corner.) When you receive the email, use the promo code at checkout. Phone price: $300.

Here’s the catch: You’ll also need to choose a prepaid plan, and Total Wireless isn’t super-competitive in this area. The cheapest plan is $25 for 30 days, which nets you just 1GB of data. What’s more, the iPhone XR isn’t unlocked; you have to stay with Total Wireless for at least 12 months before they’ll unlock it for you.

On the other hand, you’re paying $300 for the phone instead of $500, and that savings seriously offsets the cost of service. Food for thought.

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Sunday deals: $8.49 Bluetooth speaker, $14 foaming soap dispenser, $325 iPhone XR, more

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iPhone XR: It’s the iPhone you should buy


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The all-new Nest Audio smart speaker improves on its predecessor, the Google Home, in just about every way. And it’s competitively priced at $100. If you’re thinking about buying a pair, though, you can get them for $180. That’s only a $20 savings, of course, but it’s something — and the first discount I’ve seen.

Will there be single-unit discounts as we get closer to the holidays? Almost absolutely positively for sure yes. But this is here now if you want it.

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The Ring Floodlight Cam combines a motion-detecting outdoor light with a 1080p security camera. You can get it from Wellbots for $219 shipped, with no sales tax except in the state of New York. Use promo code HDOTLIGHT at checkout. (It was a better deal at $179 just a few days ago, but the price has gone up.)

Note that cloud storage will cost you a minimum of $3 a month. That hasn’t stopped the Floodlight Cam from scoring overwhelmingly positive user ratings, however, from both Amazon and Best Buy shoppers.

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Amazon seller: Cloudview-US

Price: $14.39 with promo code ODVOXNAF (starting at 9 a.m PT)

I can’t go back to traditional soap dispensers. I can’t. I won’t! These things spit out foaming suds with a wave of your hand. And you can use ordinary, inexpensive hand-soap refills; you don’t need to buy actual, expensive foaming stuff. (I’m looking at you, Method.)

Interestingly, this dispenser calls for a 3:1 ratio of water to soap; other models I’ve tried let you do 5:1. Maybe it’s foamier that way? You can probably experiment to determine what works best. Anyway, a lot of these sell for at least $20; this one normally runs $24.

This article was first published last week. It has been updated with the latest versions of these deals. 

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