Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp Tool Review

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Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp Tool Review

Three LEDs and a 30 “flexible neck provide durable and excellent working lighting.

Tool: Super Nova Bright LED Machine Lamp Buy Now

Producer: Wonders of the turners

Advised price: $ 159.95

G.Good lighting can make a big difference in the quality of woodworking, especially working with hand tools. Without it, there is little hope of accurately sawing a layout line. It is also crucial for evaluating a surface finish and countless other shop floor activities. So it’s a shame to see a richly outfitted shop with nothing but fluorescent ceiling lights illuminating the workbench.

Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp Tool Review

Flexible perfection. This work light really shines, emitting 870 lumens on a stable neck with a strong magnetic base.

The Super Nova lamp from WoodTurners Wonders meets all the key requirements for excellent business lighting. It was developed by turner and entrepreneur Ken Rizza for use with a lathe, but this flexible light is just as useful for general woodworking.

First, you need intensity – many lumens that shine in the desired direction. The three LEDs in the head of the lamp together use just nine watts of power to generate a whopping 870 lumens, many times more than budget lamps. But you don’t have to worry about it overheating – the lamp head only gets slightly warm, not hot to the touch, as it quietly produces a pleasant white light.

LEDs have a rated life of 50,000 hours, equivalent to eight hours a day, every day for more than 17 years.

But all that light won’t do much if the distance and angle of the source are not easily adjusted to create the contrast and shadows, without glare reflections, which allow you to see well. Also, the illumination on a surface decreases rapidly as the source is placed further away.

The Super Nova’s flexible 30 ″ stainless steel neck is covered in a black anti-reflective coating and holds its adjustability in any position. The light can be set to the exact position and angle you want and will stay still. And unlike weaker lamps, it doesn’t need to be placed so close to the workpiece that it requires constant adjustment as the work progresses, such as when sawing a row of dovetails.

Everything about the construction of this lamp is durable. The heavy rectangular base houses a switchable magnet that holds up with a whopping 286 pounds of force. (See the picture above of the base which also holds the 2mm steel sheet of my bandsaw cover firmly, while the fully extended neck doesn’t bend a bit!) The base is also large enough to easily accommodate a clamp to fix it on a wooden surface.

The lamp is equipped with a generous 9 ′ cable, which ends with the obligatory adapter, but at least this is small and light. One small complaint is that I would like the switch button to be placed on the back of the lamp head – I tended to turn off the light when grabbing the head to adjust it, even though I adapted my habits.

At $ 159.95, this lamp isn’t cheap, but good light is one of the most important tools in the shop. I have been frustrated over the years by several cheaper but “good” models – this is by far the best work light I have ever used or seen. I don’t have it long enough for attest to its durability, but the Super Nova certainly looks sturdy and comes with a two-year warranty. I think it’s worth it.

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