Taking the Stress Out of Refinancing a Home

Take the stress out of refinancing a home

This article is created in partnership with Refily, a new home refinancing lender comparison tool with the goal of reducing the stress of home refinancing.

Ttaking care of our home is not only a big investment in the health and well-being of our family on so many levels (which we talk about here all the time!), but managing investments in our home has always been about a key part of our overall family financial strategy.

As I’ve written in several of my books, the decisions you make for (and in) your home can have a remarkable impact on your health and stress levels. We have owned seven (and now eight!) Homes since our first marriage. Whether we are renovating, buying, selling or getting a new home loan, we have always tried to be mindful of the decisions we make and consider how each would impact not only the quality of our daily life, but also our future. .

Earlier this spring, we thought we were going to be staying in our house for at least a few more years. It seemed like the least stressful option at the time, so we decided to check out refinancing our mortgage to take advantage of the low interest rates. But starting the refi process was so overwhelming!

Take the stress out of refinancing a home

We knew we might not be staying in this house forever, so I just wanted to make sure we made the right financial decision and saved the most money in the short and long term. Unfortunately, I found it extremely stressful and confusing not only to make the decisions that were best for us, but also to be able to find and compare all the rates, options and offers between lenders. Wow, was that already difficult! I gave up on research for weeks because it was just too frustrating.

We finally decided to move instead of refinancing, ha! Although moving was always a stressful experience, the refinancing process was there! It shouldn’t be that hard.


I recently heard of a new option for homeowners interested in refinancing. Refily’s goal is to reduce the stress of refinancing the home. This is exactly what I needed, wish it had been available when we were going through this process! If you’ve been thinking about refinancing but aren’t sure how best to get started, Refily will help streamline the process of comparing lenders. They’ll give you all the lender matching tools, information, and technology you need to make sure you’re able to research and compare multiple lenders, and make the most informed decision for your family and finances.


  • They are not your traditional lender comparison market.
  • Use their calculators to get a clearer and better picture understand your potential savings.
  • Fill out their questionnaire to recommendations from organized lenders.
  • Their innovative matching algorithm executes the submitted information in their lender market To find the perfect match for you.
  • You have the power to compare estimated tariffs, as well as additional information, with up to 2 additional lender matches.
  • Their transparent lender comparison tool allows you to compare multiple lenders to help you make the right decision.

Want to find out about the free tools and comparison services that Refily offers to homeowners?

Managing the investments you make in your home wisely is always a smart decision, so I fully support Refily’s mission of making refinancing a less stressful experience.

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